I am here to help you live life blissfully

I'm Martine De Luna, a Mindset & Empowerment Coach for women desiring to live lives of purpose and bliss, doing what they love and getting paid to be themselves. I call this "Bliss Strategy." BLISS is the art of being joyful while you are creating a life you adore. Coaching is my Strategy to help women turn their limits and beliefs from "I Can't" into "I CAN", supporting them with guided action toward their desired results.

I am also a MENTOR to women who specifically are making their passions into a side business (eventually a full-time one, too, just like I did.).  I provide inspired guidance for women who want clear, driven paths towards a goal they want to reach in life or in business. So, let's talk about how to FINF YOUR BLISS and make it serve others, whether as a business, a platform, or a cause.


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This is BLISS: Knowing WHO you are, WHAT you stand for, and HOW you can make life blissful for others (while never forsaking your own worth, time and happiness.)


As a Bliss Strategist, I help you ALIGN why you do what you do, and how you do it.  By helping you define you WHY, WHAT, and HOW — I help you open doorways to your ideal clients and customers, WHILE helping you to aligning your energy and time for the things that matter: family, self-care, and everything else outside of your profession and work. 

By coaching you on Your Bliss Strategy, you are empowered to: 

  • define a life + work strategy that you're at peace with and gives you ease & less stress;
  • put in strategic work and improvements to the brand or business you are running or creating;
  • confidently craft the Story AND Visual Identity of your brand — on your website, your social media so you build credibility as a go-to business or go-to person;
  • and while doing all this, never forsaking WHY you do your blissful work: creating time, peace, and space and plans to be with the people you love and the non-work projects that make you come alive.

So... If you are ready to create that BLISS STRATEGY that will give you BOTH a LIFE & an INCOME to support that life, then take action NOW. (Click below to apply for an option to Create Your Bliss Strategy, TODAY.




I was a blogger and social media engager for six years before embracing the call to brand consultancy and coaching for bloggers. I've got an eye for both sides of the spectrum: from the side of the client (influencer), to the side of the brand seeking influencer & blogger engagement. My work as a Brand Consultant is to bridge that gap between creating a Personal Brand that gets you positioned in the digital marketplace AND your ideal client. I provide Brand Coaching in the following capacities, on a limited client basis.


SOCIAL MEDIA Consulting and Content Creation Strategy


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On Instagram, I use #makeitblissful to document the life I live and work I do. It's an aspect of my brand that means any hard work is worth it, if we have a great purpose that pulls us forward. It has been featured and utilized among some of the well-known lifestyle hashtags on Instagram. I love helping small businesses to really embrace that purpose behind the brands they own. Share your own "make it blissful" moments, and the work that makes YOU come alive.