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From breakdown to bliss. That’s my story.

Hi, welcome! I'm Martine De Luna, and I’m in love with helping people turn their “I Can’t” into “I CAN”!

I’m a Mindset Coach, and I specialize in Personal Branding, too. I believe BOTH are connected.

Professionally, I’m what is known as a Transformational Coach. What is that?

Transformational coaching is about helping people take action on improving themselves and their lives by guiding them through the changes they are making. Unlike “life coaching” (which changes how people act), transformational coaching helps clients change the way they see themselves.

What that means is that I guide women as they create changes in their lives, so that they can truly be blissful, peaceful and free, no matter what stage of life or business they are in. Together, I work with a client to reinvent her self-image, or perceptions about herself and her limitations.

You know why this makes me passionate? Because I have my own journey from brokenness to breakthrough, which helped me find my bliss.

My journey to bliss began in 2008, when I got engaged. My religious upbringing up to that point was one filled with self-sabotage and doubt; at one point, people whom I trusted even sowed doubt in my decision to marry the man I loved (who is now my husband). I looked back at a life of self-sabotage of over 20 years, and knew that if I didn’t do something big, then I would never step out into the possibilities life had waiting me. And so, leaving the church upbringing at 30 years old was a life-altering event that birthed in me the belief that “I can design a life I love,” and that the God of the Universe would keep on blessing me.


I'm Martine De Luna, and I’m in love with helping women create powerful beliefs, so that they can create lives of ease, freedom and bliss.

- Martine De Luna -


One day around 2010, I was pregnant, curious, and searching the Internet for “mommy blogs,” and I was like “Wow, I can do this”. I wanted to be just like these women, and I wanted to share, connect and write my feelings about life and love, just like these women — these moms all over the world — were doing for me. I was attracted to the blogging industry, shifting my career from teaching to full-time online writing (back then, at $5 per article).

I experienced a satisfying sense of success in the local blogging scene as “The Dainty Mom”, winning recognition awards, even making some international connections and media features, getting paid 6-figure brand endorsements, and eventually trying my luck as a “blog coach” for women in the Philippines and around Asia, which became my next side-hustle after freelance writing for six years.

That came to a halt in 2015, with the birth of my daughter, when I just couldn’t keep up with the “life that I had designed.” In a series of wrong decisions, I dropped projects, underdelivered for the brands I was working with, and compromised my relationship with my children, even my husband. We lost half our income, the ability to pay for our home (which we were renting), and eventually my reputation as a blogger. From the end of 2015 to mid-2016, I went into a funk and lost my view of what a blissful life truly was.


In May of 2016, I was able to begin a new business in the wellness industry, which allowed me to rewire my mind, “from breakdown to bliss.” I worked with coaches and mentors who helped me to use my stories and failures to encourage others. As I shifted my focus to health, wellness and even fitness, not only did I improve my body, but I started to view life in a whole new way: Full of possibility.

Altering my mindset allowed me to gain control of my life, and spoke to my soul.

My words “make it blissful” (the name of my blog from 2013 to 2016), took on a whole new meaning, and I wanted to show others that, they too, had the power inside of them to make things blissful, experience freedom, and transform their lives. Since then, I have dedicated the past two years of my life to educating myself on mindset, nutrition, wellness, and coaching.

“I can honestly say that I’ve learned to create a life I adore. Through the school of hard knocks and self-sabotage, of epic failures, a lost reputation, regained trust, soul-crushing criticisms, and a lot of second-guessing, I have learned that transformation happens when you don’t give up.



Had I not gone through life’s lowest of lows — like, having less that $100 in my bank account, with two kids to feed and a husband with no work —, I would not have learned what I know about recovery, becoming resourceful despite your lack of resources, about how effort trumps talent any day, and how letting go and losing is often the launchpad of a new breakthrough. Thanks to these times of “un-bliss,” I’ve found my strongest, truest friendships, my best years in marriage and motherhood, and a business I’m in love with, that gives me MORE: more time for what I love, more health, more wholeness, more connection, more income, just more.

“It’s time for you to make it blissful & design a life that you adore.”

As a Transformation Coach with a focus on Mindset and Personal Brand, I have known that the only way out is through AND that you can rebuild your life, blissfully. I live to help women like you breakthrough to your most blissful self, re-wiring your belief in yourself, guiding you in your possibilities, through Bliss Strategy, my signature coaching program. I strategize with you in telling your stories with ease, on Blogs and Social Media. I'm also a generous mentor in helping you take your passion into a side-hustle (eventually a full-time one, too, just like I did.)... and all with the resilience to be happy as you do the work on yourself.

I do all these in the service of the Universe. I believe in my mission to "make it blissful." So... If you are ready to make it blissful in your own life, If you are ready to say “Yes” and choose to do what it takes to break the barriers from where you are now to where you could be ...

Let’s go. 

I love coaching people like you who are passionate about what they do, serving as a Guide and Consultant to you in crafting their Brand Concept, Strategy and Messaging, so that you serve the people you are meant to serve. Below are my core offerings.


Things I Love

I am totally a believer that LIFE is not just about the work we do, but the things we love! And so I want to share with you here some of the other ways I create a life that I adore, and how you might too!