Martine De Luna, n., A wife, mother, brand consultant for blogs, social media and writing. 


I have thrived in my journey as a freelancer and small business owner, without a college degree. I've been working since I was 18, taking associates courses and vocation/trade-based certificates whenever I took on a job or landed a project.

I am passionate about creating a profession from my passion (and I show others how to, too). I hacked my way through life by creating jobs for myself, based on what needs I saw in people. I became known for Brand Coaching, Blog Coaching, Online Writing, Creative Workshops, Social Media Content Creation, and Working From Home, all of which I made into services and learning events that have built my brand, from zero. 

I work from home, where I live with my husband and two kids, whom I unschool.

I'm a wellness mentor, and my new side-hustle is helping women break free from bad food & lifestyle habits, so that they can be healthy, happy and wealthy.


HI, I'M MARTINE DE LUNA. I've been working in the field of social media & content creation since 2010, as a blogger and, most recently as a consultant for small brands and other bloggers. After six years as a parenting and creative lifestyle blogger, I retired from blogging to focus on building my services as a Brand Coach. I love coaching people who are passionate about what they do — businesses or even blogs — and help them to craft their Brand Concept, Strategy and Messaging. I've been able to utilize my experience as a blogger to also help solopreneurs create their own services and offerings, and help small businesses speak to the heart of their potential clients, so that they serve the people they're meant to serve. Here's a rundown of how I've been around...


The Brand Coaching, for me, began serendipitously, when a now well-known blogger came to me asking to be coached for blogging. It began with her question, "Can you teach me everything you know?", and that sparked an idea for a side-hustle for me, while I was working from home as a website writer. Since 2012, I've done mild blog coaching, to full-on social media coaching and brand launching for bloggers and small local businesses, and a handful of international platforms. Visit my Portfolio page for a list of clients who've worked with me. 


I've been writing for online clients and publications since 2010. Since then, I've been featured in the following websites:

Smart Parenting (Contributing Writer, 2010-2013)

The Work at Home Woman (Contributing Writer, (Website Manager, Writer)

Raw Bites (Content Manager for Blog & Social Media, 2016-2017)


I've since given workshops and talks in the following areas:

  • Personal Branding
  • Article Writing for the Internet
  • Social Media Management
  • How to Be a Work at Home Freelancer / Work-at-Home Mom
  • How to Start a Job from Blogging
  • How to Go from Side Hustling to Full-time Freelancing
  • Direction-Based Unschooling for Homeschooling Teens
  • Personal Wellness & Living a Lifestyle of Proactive Health

Here on my website, you'll learn how we can work together and what it means to really love the brand that you create, whether it's your blog, your store, or your services.

As a social media & blogging coach, I have done speaking engagements and live learning events. To date, I have done over 50 workshops & speaking engagements in the areas of inspiration, women empowerment, positive social media and personal branding. I have been fortunate to have given talks for the following companies and organizations. If you'd like to book me for any of my speaking topics above, do send me an email and let's talk.