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Create your life + work strategic plan and make it more blissful with Strategy Coaching. 


Hello! I'm so excited that you want to have more ease, time and profit in your life + work. That's why I created this VIP coaching program for you. Your next step is to secure your spot in Bliss Strategy, by completing this application.

Bliss is Fulfillment + Strategy is the Plan. I want to know right now if we are right for each other as Coach and Client. If your application is accepted, you'll hear from me within 2 business days to schedule a call with me. 

Let's do this! I'm ready to help you create the time you crave, so you can live according to what you believe is your life's values even as you run a business or start a side-hustle. My ultimate bliss is helping you create yours.




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Investment in this highly-personalized Bliss Strategy Coaching Package begins at $1200 / Php55k, for 3 months Bliss Strategy Coaching & Mentoring with Martine. Payment plans are available. How committed are you in taking charge of your life and learning how to CREATE RESULTS, for more time, less stress, more wealth, and more meaning? Please answer honestly below.