How do you think powerfully, and create a purposeful life you truly adore?


What if in 4 to 5 months, you could think powerfully, so that you get clear on how you want to live & work, and improve how you use your time and money. How would that feel?

  • Do you often feel like you want so many things to happen, right now, but never have the time and energy to just start moving forward on that goal, that passion project, even that total 180-turn you want to make in life?

  • Do you find yourself struggling to think optimistically or positively, because “things aren’t working out for me?”

  • Are you often feeling worn out and spent, because you’re busy putting others’ needs ahead of your own?

  • Are you so busy at work, that you are tired often, wondering if you will ever have time to just enjoy something, for the sake of enjoying it?

  • Do you have a business that you would like to grow, because maybe you’ve reached a certain place and time that begs for change, for impact and growth?

  • Do you feel like how much you decide to make a real change in your life, you lack the support, motivation, or maybe discipline so that you make real changes a reality, whether it’s your health, your time, your money, your personal life?

  • Are you (like me) a recovering perfectionist who’s had one too many brushes with impostor syndrome?

  • Have you (also like me) found yourself at a crossroad in life, wondering if you can take pain, failure, and breakdowns in your life, and take the NEXT STEP to a new you?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “What do I really want?” 

Here’s the thing. If you think that other people have figured out what they want to do, have all this work-life balance, and are living more fully then you, let me ask you: What makes you think you can’t have it, too?

Because you can have anything that you can imagine. “What you can create in your mind, you can create in your outer world.” Yes, it’s true. If you know about me, you’ll know that I started with barely nothing three years ago when our family lost our home and we had to rebuild our lives.

“If you can hold it in your MIND, you can hold it in your HAND.” — Bob Proctor


After I had my second child, I went through months of depression, financial troubles, and a series of events in our family that led to my husband losing a well-paying job of 8 years, me losing my clients, and our income being sliced in half in an instant. My plan to be a blissful blogger and work at home mom, suddenly got sucked out of sync. (Read my story here.)

As someone who has literally lost home, income, lifestyle, clients, friends and yes, even hope at one point… let me tell you this: Your life can change in an INSTANT, and the power to do that is ALREADY IN YOU.

In Bliss Strategy, my one-on-one coaching program, I dive in deep with you.

You don’t have to be in a place of loss or transition, like I was. You don’t have to know what the plan is; you just have to be open to creating that plan as we coach together. Through that time, I help you to change your mindset, discover what’s truly important to you, and help you to create positive habits in your personal and professional life, so that you truly create a life you adore.


Martine was the first person who made me believe that I can do it -- when no one else knew what I was doing. She has a gift of seeing and developing a person's gifts and potentials. She encourages without being pushy. She helps without being overbearing. She listens with both her mind and heart. Her focus and determination are something I truly admire. She is a teacher, a friend, a wife and a mom -- but her family is her priority and no one else can compete with that! I really don't know how she juggles them all, but she does it so well -- as if all those responsibilities are a natural part of her! She does not coast or rest on her laurels, as her drive to continue learning and improving herself are always there. She is one amazing person who is always positive and hopeful no matter what life throws at her. I am lucky to call my then, coach and now, friend!

Grace Barbers-Baja,


Because the journey of transforming your mindset is so precious, I only open up this coaching to a few people every few months. Here, you and I will get to know each other and discover how to help you authentically build a life you love waking up to, that is built on aligning your values, your personal health, your daily habits, and even your business or work. By knowing the vision, values, and the daily ins and outs of your life, we will co-create your "Bliss Strategy": that unique, made-for-you life + work integration that will have you feeling positive, joyful, and excited about living your life.


Coaches are enablers. We hold you accountable to know what you want, and how you will do it, basically. We help you achieve what you desire while listening deeply, with understanding you and building a relationship with you, based on trust. I help you move forward, guide you through the obstacles, and also hold the space for you as you move towards your goals.

You are coachable, if you also —

  • would like tools and support, so that you can up-level in your mindset;

  • want to get out of your comfort zone, so that you can move into a new level of higher performance;

  • desire more (or less) of something that you’ve chosen as important to you.

If you apply yourself, Coaching helps you to live a life you adore, because you tap into the ability to align with what you really want and design a life you adore, where your goals for living and working are true to your authentic self.

WHO IS Bliss Strategy™ COACHING FOR?

You could be simply searching for a more optimal way to live your life, and are looking for a method to be more mindful and peaceful, achieve better health in mind and body, even have time to pursue things that make you come alive.

You could be the CEO or leader in your company, but need the championing and motivation stop overthinking your life and start taking action on your passions, outside of work.
You could be a new business owner who doesn't have any idea about how to brand, position, and get your first client in the door. You haven't got a clue on how to create a content marketing plan that makes you come alive to your ideal clients.

Whether you are working a powerful job, or you are growing a passionate business, either way, you don't want to sacrifice time and undirected energy solely for just working all the time. You want to create time for the things that make up YOU: your spiritual practice, your personal goals, family, career, finances, in that order.


Client Love

When my path crossed with Martine De Luna, I knew immediately she was a superstar. One of my jobs as a coach is to spot talent. And Martine’s got it.
I’ve had the good fortune of coaching Martine – a mindset coach and personal brand strategist – in a few of my programs and helping her step more fully into her great work. I’ve now hired her to do Brand Strategy for my company, as I move into a new phase in my business.

JENNY FENIG, Silver Stevie-award winning Business Coach


Martine De Luna Graphics.png

What awaits you?

  • 4 months (5, if paid in full) access to Martine De Luna as Life Coach and Brand Consultant. I have very limited 1:1 slots, reserved for those who really would like to take their life in command.

  • A Kick-Off CLARITY and INTENTION-SETTING Online Retreat. This is a Kick-Off Zoom/Skype session covering a deep dive of your life today, based on your own telling. We will review your priorities and time, your work/business or your project, and will together create an action plan for our coaching. We will look into some of your Mindset: where you are, what you believe about yourself, and where you want to be in 3 months (even beyond, should you want to continue).

  • Personalized Coaching AND Consulting : We coach on the many different areas that make up your life. You’ll find that we go deep in to what you where you want to be (Your Blissful Reality), what you want to release (Mind, Belief, and Space Clearing), what you really want to make time for (Time Audit and Alignment), what you desire to create and how to elevate your mindset and create positive life-transforming habits and mindfulness.

  • Twice-monthly (2 times a month) deep dive 60-minute Coaching Sessions to help you move forward, take aligned action, while also taking good care of yourself. We are going to be a POWERHOUSE! This is where I empower you with affirmations + accountability of your goals (within a specified coaching period), and then guide you as you implement.

  • Weekly 20-minute “Check-In” calls, via Facebook Messenger or Viber/Voxer, just to see how you’re doing and ensuring your emotional support is taken care of.

  • Priority Access to me:

    • Email, Viber (Asia) / Voxer (USA, international), FB messenger access

    • As-needed 5-minute emergency calls on Viber/Voxer, in between sessions

    ======== BONUSES ========

    (VALUE: $1,365)

  • BONUS: REVIEW of your business materials (Value: $355): As a personal brand strategist, I will also review your brand identity, documents, emails, graphics, social, plans, etc.

  • BONUS: COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS to my online program, the Personal Branding Bootcamp “The Blissmakery” ($255), you get access to this Personal Branding bootcamp filled with videos, audios and modules all meant to help you develop, launch and market an authentic brand.

  • BONUS: COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS inside my “Be Captivating Self-Image Awakening” Group Coaching Program (Value: $555)

  • BONUS: FREE WORKSHOP (1) to Martine’s Workshops, either online or in-person, for 2019. This excludes workshop collaborations with other coaches; only applies to workshops offered solo by Martine De Luna.

  • BONUS: Promotion and visibility to my channels on social media, if you are activating your own business or brand and you want to sound it off to my communities


How would it feel…

to wake up each day excited to live life, even if life isn’t one hundred percent perfect? You are allowed to create a blissful life you adore. Believe it.


If you are ready to STEP IN TO the power of MAKING IT BLISSFUL — in your inner life, your relationships, your work or business, your self-care, your experiences... the first step is to APPLY for your FREE Bliss Strategy Call. All coaching work is subject to a 30-minute Strategy Call, where you can make a sound decision on elevating your life from "blah" to "bliss!" Because I'm ready to make that happen with you.

Get on the waitlist.

WE HAVE OPENINGS starting August 15, 2019.



Add-On Options

Add-on options to your Bliss Strategy include Visual Branding (brand board, logo design), Digital Branding (website, blog setup). These may be added to your Bliss Strategy Package for a special price, only for Bliss Strategy Clients. 




After you have gotten clear on your brand direction, offers & services, ideal customer, it's time to create a visual identity.  Includes an entire branding suite, files for you to use for printing or website. Pricing is customized based on the scope of the design work.