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Blissful Programs


The Blissful Unicorn Mastermind

The Blissful Unicorn Mastermind is a 4 and a half month mastermind on (1) Mindset Mastery, (2) Personal Brand Mastery, and (3) Goal-Achieving through Time Mastery. It is for service-based entrepreneurs and business builders, who want to practice self-mastery, so that they can get the best clients and customers, make meaningful money and create a thriving business that is BUILT ON A SOLID MINDSET and a BLISSFUL PERSONAL BRAND.

Elevate your mindset and master your emotions, body, and schedule, so you can work less, make more money, and truly do what you love. If you are the kind of person who has no clue what you are doing with your life, but you desire to be more free and blissful in creating a life you love waking up to each day, because you value Time and Freedom, together… and you are willing to PUT IN THE EFFORT to create a life you adore… then this is also for you.


Get Blisstified Events

Get Blisstified is my coaching collaboration with Kimi Lu - Life Coach, and is a series of Transformational Coaching Experiences: A live Workshop, a live-in Retreat, and an Online Masterclass, all for Women Intentionally Creating Positively Blissful Lives. We help women like you build a strong mind, learn mindfulness tools that help you strengthen your mind and inner peace, so that you can master life’s challenges, and show up bravely to pursue your Goals. Our experiences all give you Life Coaching from two intuitive coaches, while you pursue specific personal goals, all within a safe space and a community of like-minded, goal-directed, intention-driven women. As Coaches, we will journey with you through easy-to-follow weekly modules, that will take you from clearing your mind, space, schedules and blockers, to hitting your goals, while being guided by your intentions.


Blissmakery Branding Bootcamp

The BLISSMAKERY is a self-paced, Personal Brand Coaching course, where you learn the basics of Personal Branding, and how this connects to crafting a life + work bliss point that you and your clients adore. It is all about connection, creativity (not necessarily art!), and possibilities. It is an online space where you can learn and discover freely, while improving your business, social media assets, without forsaking the things that matter most. The Blissmakery is for YOU, if you're a business owner, a blogger, coach, consultant, freelancer, or just an individual who wants to define what you do, whom you serve, and what makes you YOU (and different from your competitors and contemporaries)

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Bliss Strategy VIP Coaching

What if in 4 to 5 months working exclusively with me as your Mindset Coach & Personal Brand Consultant, you could prioritize yourself, get clear on how you want to live (and how you want to work), and improve how you use your time so you can live a life you adore? Maybe your life up to this point isn’t what you planned it to be. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Why am I looking for what’s next?” In my Bliss Strategy one-on-one coaching program, I dive in deep with recovering go-getters just like you. I help you to change your mindset, discover what’s truly important to you, and help you to create positive habits in your personal and professional life, so that you truly create a life you adore.