Blissful Unicorn Mastermind


The Blissful Unicorn Mastermind is a 4-MONTH mastermind service-based entrepreneurs, who want to (1) master their mindset (so they can be resilient through life’s ups & downs), (2) attract the best kind of clients and customers, because they know their purpose, vision and goals, and (3) desire ease in achieving their goals, and having more time, more money, and thriving businesses BUILT ON A SOLID PERSONAL BRAND.


  • You are OPEN-MINDED and willing to release what no longer serves you anymore;

  • You are tired of the old ways of doing a business, making plans and never being able to achieve them;

  • Are struggling with work/life balance, time, organization and productivity;

  • You want to know what to do to get started in building a powerful personal brand through a niche

  • You may already have your own service-based business or non-traditional business and are working with clients or have customers/distributors, and want to elevate your mindset so you can work less, make more

  • You want to clarify what your personal brand stands for, and how it will help you attract the kind of people you want to serve with your soul purpose;

  • Aren't doing the type of work you love yet (and therefore aren't making the high-frequency money that you have a good energy with); or

  • You have no clue what you are doing, except you desire to be more free and blissful in creating a life you adore, by hook or by crook because you value Time and Freedom, all together and are willing to PUT IN THE EFFORT to create a life you adore.

If you have said yes to at least one of these…, then you are ready to work with me.

I've just described who I was (used to be) in those bullets above. So consider this coaching a "me passing on to you" what I have learned, the mistakes I've made, the successes I'm experiencing, and how you can acquire the mindset to become and be the powerful unicorn brand you're wishing you are, right now.

You will receive:

  • Powerful coaching mastermind calls, delivered completely online, for the 4-month program. (Two calls a month)

  • A one 1:1 strategy session with Martine, within this mastermind period;

  • Thought-altering MINDSET TOOLS on the important pillars of your brand:

    • Your worldview

    • Your money mindset

    • Your habits

    • Confidence and self-worth

    • Service and value propositions

    • … and MUCH MORE (secret!)

  • A community of co-masterminders, committed to the collective vision and mission of all to have Brand Confidence, Cashflow Clarity, and Bountiful Lives of freedom and bliss.

  • BONUS ACCESS to the Blissmakery Personal Branding Bootcamp (worth $255.50!), where you can develop and hone your Personal Brand, and align it with the life you really want to live.

The only way out of where you are right now is through.

This won’t be easy, but it will be WORTH IT. If you are ready to super-charge your Life with a powerful Mindset, so that you can be a master of your thoughts, feelings and actions; if you are ready to infuse more cashflow into the work that you love; if you are committed to doing the work to rewire how you think about life and work, and how you view abundance, possibility, and success; if you are ready to learn to live to your strengths, potential and your mission — then you are invited to apply.



Martine has a way of speaking and intuiting that reminds me of meditation. She is honest, wise, and leads with a peaceful authority that makes you feel truly supported and understood. Martine’s ability to decipher the deeper meaning in my words, and to feel my emotions though separated by thousands of miles and 12 long hours, was shocking. At times it felt as if she'd climbed into my own mind to SEE what it was I wanted to say, to create, to feel. Session after session new parts of my purpose and next steps were revealed. Martine led me through questions I hadn’t asked myself; always coming back to my greater WHY and my value system. Every time I hit a block in my work, Martine gave me the tools and insight to course correct. And when I didn’t, she lovingly held me accountable and urged me to try again. I now realize that I cannot produce, I am not my best, when a part of myself is out of alignment. This newly revealed insight allows me to work and live with more passion, and to do so more efficiently. — Daria M. Rivera, Women’s Coach,