The Blissmakery Personal Branding Course



Have you ever wanted to CLEARLY KNOW the service you are providing, WHILE enjoying the space you work in, the content you create, AND still be productive?

I'll show you how it all works together.

Hi, I'm Martine De Luna: a former lifestyle blogger, active Instagrammer, work-at-home mom, and time mastery addict. I'm the creator of the successful "blog turned brand," Make it Blissful, which I grew into an entire life-design brand that gave birth to six years worth of workshops (totalling almost 40, to date), and into a consulting business that has served around 200 clients in the areas of blogging, social media, and personal branding... all from the comfort of my home.


>> Are you running a business that you love, but it seems it isn't loving you back with leads, sales and loyal clients?

>> Are you overwhelmed at the thought of marketing your business, because you’re afraid you might be driving people away by being "pitchy" or "sales-y"?

>> Are you confused about how to create content, post content, and see what's working and what's not for your business? (Or worse: Are you overwhelmed and clueless about where to even begin creating content, like a social media post, a blog, even a piece of email?)

>>  Do you often feel you don't really know how to describe what you do, the solutions you provide, to the people you are meant to serve (and there not making the sales?)

I FEEL YOU. I've been there, too. And I can help.

I've been maintaining a brand and a freelance consulting business (and now a coaching one), for the past nine years. If there's anything that's made THE MOST DIFFERENCE for me, it's being really, really good at becoming a BLISSFUL BRAND. Growing my brand from obscure blog to a “blog coaching boutique” (and, to now a global coaching service) has given me the experience to guide others in creating their online brands.

And, dear friend, it is that online brand that brings you work you enjoy from aligned clients, and an inspiring, adorable business you enjoy running. 

Step inside your own personal branding experience, right now, with this Blissmakery.
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The BLISSMAKERY is a self-paced, Personal Brand Coaching course. It teaches you how your Personal Brand is foundational to everything you do: how you keep your home & space, how you present yourself online, and how you serve your ideal clients.

The Blissmakery is all about connection, creativity (not necessarily art), and possibilities. It is an online space where you can learn and discover freely, while improving your business, social media assets, without forsaking the things that matter most.

The Blissmakery is for YOU, if —

  • you're a business owner, a blogger, coach, consultant, freelancer, or just an individual who wants to define what you do, whom you serve, and what makes you YOU (and different from your competitors and contemporaries)

  • you want to confidently and courageously connect with your audience and prospects

  • you want to learn how to connect your brand's purpose to your content, visuals, words, website, blog, social media

  • you want to create EASE in your use of social media and marketing efforts

  • you are curious to learn the kind of content you ARE NATURALLY ALREADY creating, and how to leverage that for more exposure, prospects and sales

  • are ready to establish yourself as the EXPERT you are (Yes, you are -- I'll SHOW you why!)

  • you would like to also LIVE IN A SPACE or work in a space that already reflects your personal brand (and is not feeling “fake” or “put on” in any way) — and you want tips on how to make this a reality

Now that you KNOW whether or not this coaching program is for you, here is what you can be EXCITED about, as you enter in to this high-touch, high-vibe and energetic Personal Brand Coaching Bootcamp experience.


“[It] really helped me to discover who I am.”

“Breakthrough after breakthroug; your expertise and the knowledge that you have on various topics really came through in your teachings… Martine, you made it really clear what your service is about and delivered exactly what you said you would deliver and then some. I signed up to gain clarity on my brand and you gave me the tools and resources I needed to dig in and uncover what it was I was looking for, ME!

NICCI OROZCO, Certified Digital Strategist

What is the Blissmakery like?

 I have created A LOT of material and spoken, taught and coached over 2,000 clients AND workshop & conference participants in total. My most popular workshops were those that I created after getting feedback and surveys from my clients, and I have been very fortunate to have always booked solid each and every workshop I've done.

With The Blissmakery, I have taken ALL my best-selling workshops and making them available ALL TOGETHER in a module-based format, complete with VIDEO COACHING (delivered as audios and video recordings of the coaching sessions, so you can access it anytime), and personal branding exercises that are self-paced. That means wherever you are in the world, you can access my six years worth of workshops on blogging, personal brand building, Instagram, content creation, writing, and visual branding, in one neatly-designed, purely online program.

Here's what you receive when you join the BLISSMAKERY:

  • A private Client Hub, where you can access the modules, training tracks, videos and other materials for The Blissmakery.

  • 4 self-paced, do-in-your-own time Coaching Modules in Audio & Action Work Format // These will contain training from me on each of the Four Blissful Pillars of Building a Brand That You & Your People Love.

  • 4 PRE-RECORDED COACHING CALLS with Coach Martine. The actual calls were first recorded during the inaugural Blissmakery from September to October 2018. These videos are accessible anytime, in the private Blissmakery Materials hub. It's win-win!

  • Module-Specific Assignments // Creating a blissful brand for the people you serve and a life you adore means you WILL TAKE ACTION and test what you create. I will be giving you assignments and action steps within the Client Materials Hub, AND quick action challenges in the Facebook Collaborative that will challenge you to take to take your brand to the next level, blissfully and with joy. (See the modules below; scroll down!)


“Clarity, encouragement, and a strategic guide to my authentic brand.”

“I love how it is organized into modules that all have coaching calls, worksheet, audio guide. But if I were to choose one, Worksheets! Martine makes the best worksheets!”
Kim Roxas-Espartero,
Intentional Parenting Coach



PLUS: Facebook Live Trainings, only for Blissmakery!


Bonuses & Love

Get these yummy bonuses, at no extra cost to you inside our exclusive Facebook Group!

  • BONUS! Declutter Mindset Training: Declutter Your Workspace for More Productivity Right Now // Stop living with clutter, both inside & out. In this training, I'll share with you how the art of decluttering & letting go of that past has MASSIVE EFFECTS on how happy you are as a content creator for your brand. This is a LIVE TRAINING, which you can attend via the private Facebook Collaborative, and will be available to you as a recording.

  • BONUS! Create Your Blissful Media Kit // I've been featured in the media, hired by brands for representation and paid sponsorships, over the course of my 9 years online. In this training, I'll share with you how to create a Media Kit that sells you without being sleazy to your prospective partners. This is a LIVE TRAINING, which you can attend via the private Facebook Collaborative, and will be available to you as a recording.

  • BONUS! Purpose + Priority Schedule Alignment Training // I don't believe in hustling all the live-long day. Being productive isn't about packing your schedule with tasks and your client cue with 40 hours of work every week: It's about working with your Purpose and your Priorities. I'll teach you how to ALIGN your Schedule for more time for the relationships that matter, the work that brings in the cash (woohoo!), including effortless content creation while keeping a time-saving, neat and beautiful home. This is a LIVE TRAINING, which you can attend via the private Facebook Collaborative, and will be available to you as a recording.


See inside the blissmakery

Get quite a good peek inside The Blissmakery, and the Four Blissful Pillars of Building a Brand That You & Your People Love.


Module 1: Get Clear on Who You Are

LET ME BE REAL: You aren't selling because you don't fully believe in what you offer. In this establishing module, you will --

  • be guided on how to release the fears and hesitations you have surrounding your brand (and the business that is a part of it)

  • learn a simple process of how to DISCOVER WHAT YOUR BRAND IS without having to come up with the answers yourself

  • claim your UNIQUE SOLUTION FOR YOUR IDEAL CLIENT through a coaching method that you can switch on anytime to realize that you have been solving problems your whole life.

  • learn how to REPOSITION YOUR OFFERS, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SO THAT you are a real solution for your audience and potential customers using Authentic, Inspired Marketing = A.I.M System.


wahm desktop .jpg

Module 2: Brand Story + Visuals and Space

My most popular, in-demand workshops have been all about the VISUALS, and I am not surprised. I am a totally visual, high-touch, high vibe person, and that is why I've been able to create a brand alignment between the work I do, the life I make known to my readers & followers, as well as how these look, feel, sound and are perceived. In Module 2: Look at Me, we will explore --

  • MOOD BOARD 101 : Crafting the Look of Your Brand. This is a hands-on teaching-with-homework experience where I'll take you through the power of creative visioning in creating mood board that expresses your Brand through color, words, textures, tones and feelings.

  • MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR NON-PHOTOGRAPHERS : I was a schooled photographer in high school, waaaaay before all these digital cameras became the norm! But, I've also developed a good eye and utility for the handy mobile cameras we all carry around in our phones. Here you'll learn best practices on how to take photos that capture your brand's look, feel, and senses, so that you don't just take pictures but tell stories that connect with the people you serve.

  • THE INSTAGRAM GRID + THE PINTEREST BOARD : A fun and fluid tutorial on how to create a cohesive visual brand on two of the most impactful platforms for sharing visual brand stories and content.

  • DESIGN A SPACE THAT IS BLISSFUL : Most people who work from home are stumped at how to easily create content that weaves into their daily lives. It CAN be done. I'll show you how to create your own "brand space at home", so that the areas of your home are "on-brand", yet feel natural and homey for you, not artificial, put-on or expensive to maintain, so that you are always ready to create visual content, anytime at home!


“I learned a lot about myself, about how to rebuild myself coming from the bottom, about vibrations, feelings and mind-setting.”

Jenn Tatel, Certified Project Strategist



Module 3: Building out Your Brand

Most people are confused about WHAT STUFF TO CREATE for their brand. Here we'll talk about Brand Elements, and the essential components you'll want consider, like --

  • SERVICE CREATION 101 : I've been popularly known as a pioneering blog coach in my country, having begun the offer way before it was the norm. I'll teach you how to create service offerings based on what problems you solve for your clients (and how to market those services to your blissful clients who will gladly pay you for serving them.

  • BRAND NAME BRAINSTORMER : Naming your Offers and Services is crucial to you establishing yourself differently from your competitors and contemporaries. I'll show you how to name your brand, your offers, even your products in alignment and with recall.



Module 4: Authentic, Inspired Marketing

Getting your message across starts with knowing how to have a way with WORDS. I've been writing (and earning from it) since I was an editorial assistant on-the-job-training at age 19; I've been around the written word for a while! Even if you're not a writer, you'll get:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA COPY & CAPTIONING : I used to be a social media manager for small businesses, with the task of daily providing content for Facebook pages and Instagram feeds. Now that I no longer do this for hire, let me teach you how to do it yourself so that you don't need to hire someone for yourself. We'll cook up some Social Media Captioning that Hooks & Attracts Inquiries, Calls and Sales.

  • TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG (VLOG, LIVESTREAM, ET AL) : Blogging, Vlogging, Livestreaming and Storytelling for Today: How, When, and How Often? As a lifestyle blogger for almost six years straight, I was writing pretty much all the time, through all the changes to the blogging niches, blog styles and methods, even platforms. I'll show you why blogging still matters, and how you can do it with more ease, purpose and, yes, I daresay, even peace.

  • REACHING YOUR TRIBE WITH LOVE AND SERVICE. Marketing should be easy, because your intention is to touch, move and inspire the people you’re meant to serve. You don’t need to feel icky marketing to people who need what you have, and who love what solutions you’re offering. We’ll talk about how to love your tribe and, yes, FIND YOUR PEOPLE without stressing over the tech and the overwhelm.



"Martine, I have questions..."

What if I don't have a website?  

You don't have to have a website to start working on your brand. (In fact, consider yourself lucky: You get to start FRESH.) You are working on you, first here! Once that is clear, then doing your website (and everything else that follows) will have a clear direction.

Do I need to have design knowledge?

There are module aspects that touch on, say, visual design, BUT this is a personal branding workshop done bootcamp style, which goes even deeper than just aesthetics. You’ll be going into your personal definition of yourself, getting data from this insight you’ll have on yourself, and learning how that inspires the visual aspects of your personal brand.

How much time will I need to complete all the modules?  

Your time is yours to schedule; this course is for you to make space in your schedule. It's self-paced, so you can watch the videos and do the action-based work (which will immediately benefit your brand, the minute you do it!). Each module action step is ideally completed in the order they are presented, but you may mix them around to your liking, to your stage in your brand building.

What are the sessions like?  

Since the course is self-paced, you'll have ongoing access to the modules for life, so you can begin and continue to work on it at the time that is best for YOU.  Each module includes an Audio Guide, an Action Worksheet with Module-Specific Tasks to help you implement the bootcamp material right away, and a corresponding recorded Coaching Call, conducted LIVE during the Blissmakery’s inaugural run last 2018. So, you get ALL the materials as-if you attended the live coaching calls, AND you will have access to the private Blissmakery Personal Branding Bootcamp Collaborative on Facebook, where all other students of the program continue to connect and support one another. It's win-win!



Make it blissful, today. 
Learn the building blocks of a personal brand, and apply it to your work, life, space, home… and get confident in who you are.

Know how to identify your ideal clients & customers, and how to nurture them to buy from you happily, because you are serving them. Create your brand content with ease, joy, and yes, right at home (while enjoying yourself and your space)
Have more time for what matters.