Blissfully Wrapped


One of my favorite hobbies is giftwrapping. I used to love going into wrapping shops and hoard on pretty paper, because I love giving gifts! These days, though, I prefer to repurpose paper, embellishments from past gifts, and of course: use up ALL of the wrapping paper I hoarded on before! (Yup, I still have some last remaining rolls to use up this coming holiday season.)

Giving gifts is one of my love languages. I like to think about gifts I’ll give to my loved ones, especially for close family and good friends. And, when I wrap the gift, it seems to complete the gifting experience, like I am communicating to them how much I do appreciate them. 


In line with this, I’m super excited to announce that one of my past workshops is making a comeback this November (incidentally my birth-month), and it has been one of the most fun types I’ve created. Re-introducing “Blissfully Wrapped: A Giftwrap + Personal Branding + Mobile Photography Gathering” to be held in Daily Feast, New Manila, Quezon City this November 10, 2018.



I’ve actually done #BlissfullyWrapped three times already, the first in 2014, the next in 2015, and now after three years, it’s going to be BETTER THAN EVER!

Here’s why. 

1. I’m now a Transformational Coach, coaching in the area of Mindset and Personal Branding. I’m going to show you how GIFTING is one of ways you can “unwrap” (pun intended) your personal brand! At the same time, I’ll reveal to you why a Mindset of success and abundance (even financial wealth) starts with Giving.


2. I’m still an Insta-photography lover. I love IG! So a part of the workshop will be dedicated to helping you take beautiful photos for your IG channel, through the use of natural light + an eye for spotting the beauty in ordinary things, and capturing these into beautiful images.


3. This is still a GIFT WRAP WORKSHOP, of course! Just like the workshops in the past, I’ll be teaching you the giftwrapping hacks I’ve been known for as a gift-giver ever since I was a teen (“gifts of love” is my love-language), and how to RE-PURPOSE gift scraps, old papers, paper bags, old ribbons from previous gifts, and more! Learn to make beautiful gift wraps and toppers, creatively!


Are you ready to step into a fun, creative, and empowering workshop that will INCREASE your Gratitude, make you more ABUNDANT, and at the same time CREATIVE? 


I invite you to REGISTER NOW, and secure your slot! (Limited to 9 people due to seating capacity.) 


Register Here:


How to bounce back into blogging after a long hiatus.


So, I’m back to blogging!

I figured that after 8 years of having a blog-turned-brand creation, I could revisit my blogging path again. This time, I approach it with the intention I’ve created for myself: to live in bliss, freedom, abundance, while upholding family and wellness, which are my core values. (Hmmm, and that sounds like the subject for another blog post, down the road.)

Why’d I stop?

You could say I lost the blogging mojo, ever since my now-very open and turbulent “broken to breakthrough” experience. I’ve been doing blog coaching for as long as I have been a work-at-home mom, and while I did have my high points, I did fall down, down, and waaaaay down into the lowest valley. (And hid it pretty well, too.) At some point, when your passion becomes your profession and it isn’t in alignment with your core values, you will burn out. That’s basically what happened to me.

I used the last three years since my last consistent blog article — because those from 2016 to 2018 were so few and far between — to work on myself, re-wire my mindset and my life, and to bounce back in life.

Now it’s time to bounce back into what brought me to my online work lifestyle in the first place.

So, how do you bounce back into blogging after you’ve been away for a while?

Here are a few ideas from yours truly, who took a long break!

Start something anew.

This doesn’t always mean a total re-design, but it can mean infusing something new in to the mix. In my case, I had some new photos and graphics made, and opted for a brand new aesthetic here on my current site, which is a different look from my Make it Blissful website that I’ve had for the last eight years.

Some ways to infuse newness in to your blog:

  • Refresh the template.

  • Start on a new platform. (I’ve been on Wordpress for years, now I’m on Squarespace.)

  • Make a new brand identity and theme. (Make sure you start with a mood board to help you process this new look.)

Depending on how long you have been away from your blog, you will have to somehow refresh it with one of these ideas.

Send out a newsletter.

Even if your domain name has stayed the same, and you are still writing about the same themes, you will still want to inform your readers (especially those who’ve been following your blog for some time), that you are back. You’ll want to let them know what’s up, what you are doing now that you’re “back at it,” and the best way to do this is through a newsletter blast. If you don’t have a newsletter or mailing list, you can generate some traction again through your social media channels (which is the next step).

Create some social media buzz.

Find out where most of your readers and followers are now hanging out. You’ll want to create buzz where it matters; no point in creating movement around your blog and what it’s been up to, if you’re putting it out on the wrong social media platforms. Don’t create a Facebook Ad without first researching the current trends and advice on how to go about it.

The best way to “re-announce” your comeback is to be conversational and use links to your blog, like a post on Facebook to your “Hey, I’m blogging again” blog post, or an Instagram photo (or grid image) to direct people to your IG bio link, where your current blog link is. (Tip: Get some of your friends on social media to help you out here!)

Do a check-up of your old content.

Most likely if you’ve left your blog unattended, you will have some links that need checking-up.

In my case, I left Make it Blissful to “rest” for about three years, but kept the spirit of it and the brand “alive” through my social media channel, mostly on Instagram. (In my personal experience, starting fresh on a NEW website rather than continue the story after the prolonged period of time. It really depends on YOU.)

I have some blogs in Make it Blissful that I still am passionate about, though, so I have considered another option. I am basically leaving the old content that I personally love, and archiving the ones that are more like my “super beginning posts”, from between 2010 to 2011, a.k.a, the “mommy blogging days.”

You may wish to edit old links that are dead, by the way. Also, check on certain outbound links, affiliate links and see if they are updated.

Here’s a tip: You can repost your most-commented articles, especially if the permalink structure has remained the same; this is so everyone who linked to them before will still be able to find them.

The plan for me here on my new site is to blog here when I believe I have something to share, say out loud for the benefit of my readers and clients. I’ve not organized it in any particular way yet; I am still deciding on how to utilize this blog in a way that serves my audience and also me, in terms of management and work load.

So, that’s it! Yay! Back to blogging.

Are you thinking of resuscitating a dormant blog, or coming back from a blogging break? What tips can you add to these?

Are you afraid of turning 40?

I'm turning 40 next month. 

But about two years ago, I was panicking and scared about this time.

I was literally scared and fearful about the big 4-0. In fact, I looked totally like I was scared and fearful, because I totally let myself go. Aside from being a new mom a second time around, I was insecure about where my life was, because I had a fluctuating income, a withering reputation as a blogger (failed there), and I was dealing with a slew of challenges that came with being a mom of two and working from home while being the sole income provider, since my husband had also been laid off. 

Here's a photo of me and my daughter in November 2015. 


This was the week we had just moved out, and it was the week of my son's birthday party. (See the balloons?)

I'll never forget that time. 

I was 45 pounds heavier, working several freelance jobs because my husband was trying to get back on his feet... and I just wanted to give my son a decent 6th birthday party, because it was the only thing I could afford, and at the time the only happiness I was living for.

Rock-bottom is sacred. 

From being insecure about what the heck I was going to do as I approached the proverbial 4-0 on the age journey, all I wanted was to get back on my feet somehow.

In mid-2016, a good friend of mine reached out to be and offered to mentor me in a wellness business. A big part of the business involved learning a lifestyle of total health: nutrition-wise, fitness-wise, and mindset-wise (first and foremost). As I learned how to take care of myself from the inside-out, I created a NEW PATTERN for my life, one of ownership, freedom, abundance, wellness, and bliss.

Because my family deserved no less.

Becoming a mentor for women who wanted to go "from broke to blissful" and "from breakdown to breakthrough" became the piece in my life story. From literally $100 in my PayPal account, I simply started to change the trajectory of my life because I felt a sense of mission and purpose for women like me whom I might help in the future. I had no idea in July 2016 that two years down the road, I'd be a Transformational Coach (which I am now). So I have my own "school of hard knocks" to THANK for changing my life for the better.

And I stopped obsessing about my age, my body, my career, my concerns. 
I just took control of what I could, and made the moves to "make things blissful," from my mind, to my body, and down to my daily actions.

Today, I feel good about the next decade. 

martine de luna age 40

This is me today, or more accurately, last month when I did a local workshop here in Manila. It's not the weight that I lost that matters, or the makeover that I had. Those are just add-ons to the real work that continues to happen, to this day.

I got help. 
I received support
I was mentored and guided.
I was CHAMPIONED, and I was blisstified.

And guess what? 

That's EXACTLY what I want to do for YOU.

This November, I turn 40 — woohoo! And I am super excited!!! I truly am! 

And, as a part of my celebration of my birth month, I have created a new coaching program for women who would like a safe, blissful, and nurturing space to come together and do the inner and outer work on themselves.

Could you be ONE of the women who are called to join us?

This new Mindset & Confidence-building, empowerment program is detailed on my website, and it is designed for women who are almost-or-40-and-beyond who would like to nurture and cultivate a more blissful outlook, mindset and confidence in this beautiful time in their lives.

Mid-life crises are normal, and they CAN be redeemed for your ultimate bliss. 

Imagine waking up each day looking forward to your day, where the age you are doesn't matter, but the time that you are given is seen and experienced in a whole new light?

Does having a sense of purpose and direction sound good?

How about feeling confident and assured that you are going to be useful and appreciated?

How about knowing what mindset tools to use, whenever you feel stuck, lost, confused and stalled in your life, plans and purpose?

These are totally, TOTALLY possible.

I know. I've lived to tell about it.
Honestly, AGE is JUST a number — nothing more.

Find out how to surpass this often-feared life stage, during the #40isForever Women’s Group Coaching Program. This is a 6-Week Journey towards mastering Positive Habits and Empowerment Tools, to help you Thrive (not just survive). By guiding you to re-wire your Mindset towards one of Possibility and Bliss, I will show you how you can achieve ANYTHING you desire.

I invite you to step into the details, right over here:  #40isForever (and it's for YOU)

The invitation to come together is open. 

If you would like to see what's possible for you;
if clarity about the next decade is what you crave; 
if you simply would like to go into a nurturing space with other women who are — like you — on that journey to creating new breakthroughs and possibilities for their lives, their career, their finances, their FREEDOM...

... then I invite you to come in.

Comment below, and I’ll reply.
Or, go right away and click the button below to know your best option.

Womens Coacing Sales Page.png

The "Abundance Blueprint" and Being Led to What You Want in Life


We had our Get Blisstified Workshop last weekend, and it was so powerful and spirit-led. You know that saying, “I am a spirit having a human experience?” Oh, yeah! That’s what we had in that workshop!

Our theme was “abundance.” According to Merriam-Webster, abundance is:

abundance noun  abun·dance  \ ə-ˈbən-dən(t)s \

: an ample quantity an abundant amount profusion 
: affluence, welath : “a life of abundance”
: a relative degree of plentifulness

This is what we call an intuitive vision board.

Normally, when you create a vision board, you curate photos and images of situations, experiences, and things you are believing you will have. It involves choosing these images based on what you see and appreciate. The objective of this board is to manifest what you desire, much like a bucket list is meant to list down what you would like to “tick off” in life.

With this method of the intuitive vision board — the “Abundance Blueprint” —, it is created without looking at what you will use for the board. We did this during a safe, cleared and energetically-charged space during the live, on-location Get Blisstified workshop. Each participant was guided on the principle of “Everything is supporting you,” and through mind-training exercises that supported this principle.

This led to the process of creating the “abundance blueprint.” When Kimi and I tested this exercise, we realized how powerful it could be to help our participants activate their inner power: their intuition. Because our intuition doesn’t lie, everything that it leads us to in fact is our truth.

I’m sharing how my own “abundance blueprint”


What is an
“abundance blueprint”?

Learn how to activate a mindset of MORE, through being coached and equipped to turn ON your innate “abundance mode.”

How to use the “abundance blueprint”

Because everything around us is connected to us on a subtle level, being abundant as a mindset means recognizing that all the elements around us are in our favor. When you LOOK at the abundance blueprint and find connections between the images, words and patterns that you were LED to create (not with the visual ability of your sense of sight), you start to reprogram your mind for new possibilities.

With my own intuitive vision board, my mind and consciousness were confirming certain things that I had been perusing, thinking and reflecting about, such as:

  • My mindset towards my role as a Coach

  • My approach to blogging

  • How to have perspective on my Mission and Purpose in life

  • The feelings and transformative experiences that people have, when they are my coaching clients

    … ALL of these were ON that intuitive vision board that I channeled while in a meditative state.

THIS, therefore, was my “abundance blueprint”, the plan and architecture of the Goals and Dreams I have in mind during my manifesting meditations and creative visualizations.

Through guided meditation, group coaching, and daily check-ins, Kimi and I are offering a group of women to understand their own “abundance blueprint” for more productivity, positivity, and possibility in their lives, specifically in determining their life, business, and personal goals for 2019. We are doing this through the Get Blisstified Online Masterclass: Abundance Mode, beginning on September 24, and every Monday for 4 WEEKS.

During this Masterclass, we’ll guide you in reprogramming your mindset for abundance, which leads to more effective ways to start and finish your day, more productive ways to conduct your work and professional life, more comforting practices in self-care and celebration of yourself (because only when YOU are happy can you serve love and give love to others).

Is Abundance for you? Apply for a chance to be coached by us. We’re ready for you, when you are!


Get Blisstified Intuitive Vision Board.jpg

The Get Blisstified Workshop


In the world today, it seems we are hearing more and more about people wanting to be more satisfied in life, and have meaning and purpose in what they do. In fact, this is the very reason why everything from company morale to public education systems are factoring one crucial factor into their surveys amongst employees and students: Happiness levels.

Just how happy are people today, and why is this important?

Here in Manila, the Philippines, Kimi Lu ( and Martine De Luna — both personal coaches in different areas of expertise — have been working with this ‘happiness index’ trend for the past two years, through their own method of activating passion in people, the Get Blisstified Workshop. In its first few iterations, Get Blisstified helped women to learn how to use life coaching methods to motivate them to work on a passion project: that is, a venture or project solely geared at giving that person happiness. From 2016 to 2017 — a total of 6 workshops and around 60 women served — the aim was to help women find these passions.



In 2018, Get Blisstified grew in its format, along with its founders, who themselves dove deeper into their own personal development and life coaching education. Kimi followed her passion of becoming a certified NIA instructor as another layer to her NLP and Reiki healing practice; Martine began her certification program in Transformational Coaching, specializing in mindset shifting and personal branding.

With these areas of growth being experienced by the founders, there came new infusions into Get Blisstified in 2018. This included a new format to the workshops beginning June 2018c as well as the launch of Get Blisstified, Online, an 8-week masterclass run purely online, and serving participants as far as Singapore and the United States. Through Get Blisstified Online, Martine and Kimi began to support women to not just have tools to help them launch passion projects. It took a step further and helped women to establish meaningfully productive habits, so that they can have less stress, more resilience, create powerful goals and achieving them.

This September 8th, Get Blisstified begins its 8th live workshop, with an all-new format and a bigger theme altogether, which combines the best of the last two years’ workshops into even better results for participants. In a dynamic combination of practices and coaching by Kimi and Martine, the all-new Get Blisstified Workshop helps women to activate their inner spirit, tap into their brain power, to release limiting beliefs and invite more abundance, healing, forgiveness, bravery, meaningful relationships, more income, and positive time management into their lives.


In this NEW EDITION of Get Blisstified, participants will:

* CREATE their Personal "Theme" for 2019: This tool will literally put you in your next level of life, career and spirit for the coming year
* EXPAND your money mindset, so you call in more income as you make an impact & serve the people you're meant to (as well as clear your "money blocks", which are what prevent us from a positive money mindset; you have to grow yourself before your income grows!)

*EXPERIENCE HEALING through meditative activities and tools aimed at helping you change your thoughts and patterns so you create new ones
* CONNECT with a community of positive, blissful WOMEN who want to support you in your journey to the best 2019 possible

Registration is limited to 12 participants, so that Kimi and Martine can help support and guide each participant through the coaching. There will also be a limited-space Online edition of the workshop, which runs from October to November: a fantastic way to be coached by both Kimi and Martine, with the goal of being supported in the practices taught during the workshop.

Get Blisstified: ABUNDANCE MODE is this September 8, 2018 at Local Edition, Legaspi Village, Makati. To register, please fill up the Online Application Form to be considered:



What does it mean to have a Mood Board for your Brand?

Mood Board 101.png

At the end of this post, you may SIGN UP for my MOOD BOARD 101 Workshop in Neighborhood Game Cafe on April 7th. Read first WHY you should join, on the blog below.

Mood Boards are a tool that I use with every client I take on. Whether or not they are creating a logo or website, every client has her own mood board. Why? Because it is a very useful tool in helping clients answer the three pillar questions of branding. Let me explain it as simply as possible.

Why do you do what you do?

The "why" of a brand may take several weeks, months, and even years to really define. A brand changes as it evolves, especially if that brand is embodied by a person. Businesses obviously need branding in order to set them apart from the many competitors in their niche. And so in Mood Boarding, a person can begin to answer this question through the use of images that answer they 'why' question. These images are placed in certain areas on the board, to "tell the why" in a series of images (or in some cases, a single image that intentionally captures the 'why'). Knowing the 'why' of your brand goes deep into your purpose, and it may need some questions answered from your potential clients, current clientele, even your trusted friends.


2018_0210 Mood Board 101-76.jpg

What do you do?

When you know your "what" as a brand, you can easily explain your function, easily define the problem that you solve for your clients, easily describe your product and its benefits. It is the SOLUTION you provide. In Mood Boarding, putting an image to the solution is also a process that takes some think-work. One could very easily put, say, an image of their actual product on their mood board, but if the product is note photographed in a manner that shows the brand's 'why', for instance, then that photo is simply just a catalog image. Curating imagery about "what" you do involves some aspiration, some idealism, something attractive, stimulating, and appealing.

How do you do what you do?

The "how" of a brand is all about how you deliver what it is you do to the people who need what you have to offer. This, in mood boarding, is about selecting imagery that will evoke, say, what your client feels like while you are working with them.


OK, so now that you know a bit about why mood boards matter...

Let's see if you are the right person to attend this kind of a workshop. Please read the following questions and give your honest answers...

2018_0210 Mood Board 101-92.jpg
  • Are you in need of answers for the "why" "what" and "how" of your brand?
  • Are you in a constant state of being stuck, when you think about how to make content for your social media channel or blog?
  • Do you ever wonder how some brands are able to have really nice feeds and stories on their online platforms (and how YOU can have the same skill and confidence for what it is that YOUR brand does and offers)?

If you answered "YES" to at least one of these questions, then I'll SEE YOU at my next Mood Board 101 Workshop, this April 7, Saturday , happening LIVE on location at the Neighborhood Game Cafe, in Quezon City. 

Please register by clicking below to the registration form!

Register for MOOD BOARD 101, APRIL 7!

Welcome! My Why, What and How for this Blog.

Wow! It's been ages since I've written a blog post, and I have to say, it feels like coming home. A new home, really: This is my first venture into Squarespace, and so far, I am loving it! Props to my design partner, the very talented, patient and compassionate, Rachell De Luna, a.k.a. The Artist Scientist. We had only met through email, when she sent me a message several months ago about a possible collaboration. We were able to talk about our goals and purposes for "designing work that we love," being work-at-home moms, and in our own way, influencers in our circles in social media. Our collaboration first came into fruition with a small workshop we did, in cooperation with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Brew Your Best Year community last July 1st, where several small business owners came together to learn about how to create their websites using the amazing platform of Squarespace.

First of all, my "WHY" for making this move to a self-titled website was to separate, finally, from my brand "Make it Blissful", so I could focus less on being a blogger and more on being a coach, a consultant. Making the switch to Squarespace is just one of the big moves I decided to make. After seven years of blogging and balancing motherhood, making a home and "making things blissful," it was time to take a backseat from the world of "online influencers" and focus on working with people who were looking for answers to these kinds of questions:

"How do I start creating a job that I love, really?"

"Can I really start a blog and use it for work, for business, or to create a community?"

"How do I 'brand' myself as a service provider? How do I discover what I can really offer to people so that I'll get paid to render services?"

"I can't write. Can you teach me how to write for things online?"

"I'm stuck starting my side-hustle, because I'm still working. Can you help? How'd you do it."

"Social media: Confusing! How do I use it to grow my brand? Help!"

Funnily enough, I actually created services because of these common questions I'd get asked on a regular basis. These are my "WHAT", and you can view them under "Work With Me", if you like. Before, my "what" was that of a "blog coach." This started in 2012, when I started to coach people as my "side-hustle" or part-time job. It evolved to being a full-on liaison, when I used to help people do the setting up of their own websites and blogs, kind of like as a shadow-coach of sorts for people who wanted a guided-hands approach. I finished some great projects with that kind of a service-based setup, but honestly, it became toxic in the end. That resulted in a handful of projects that didn't end happily for either me or my clients, and in a lot of stress, too! So, in order to change my "what" into something that would really play to my strengths, I honed in on the things I could really work with people on: 

  • Personal or Small Business Branding: This is not a visual design type of branding service. I work with people pre-design phase, so that they can define their "why" (core message and value), "what" (services) and "how" (platform). It's the part I enjoy the most in the birth of anyone's brand. Then when these are in place, they can happily (and with clarity!) work with graphic designers in creating their visuals: brand identity, logos and submarks, colors and textures, imagery.
  • Content Creation: I help specifically in copywriting and in crafting social media content, blog and website content. Before anyone creates their website, their blog, even their social media plan for the month, I can help write ALL those words, according to the why-what-how branding approach.
  • Social Media Engineering: From planning to concepts behind one's social media content, teaching engagement, to how to properly maintain and manage social media channels. I've been on social media for ten years, and as it adapts so does my work. I enjoy helping people navigate the uncertain waters of social media and how they can ride the current.

What now is my "HOW", or my platform, if it's not as "Martine the blogger", which I was known for for years? No, I'm not going to be blogging like I was before on Make it Blissful. I have peacefully put the blogger role to rest, but I will still write articles here on m work website. I look forward to sharing my own lessons in Branding, Content, Social Media, in lieu of small businesses and tiny brands by solopreneurs and service providers. I coach what I know; I am constantly learning something new, attending some kind of training and getting constantly fed by the ever-changing information out there; I am still going to strive to tell stories, at least in line with the work I do. My "how" will be this new blog, my sporadic live events/workshops, and my social media outlets. (For personal stuff and stories, Instagram does it for me, so you can follow me here for personal, mundane and fun stuff, and here, for work-related updates.)

So, stick around for more blogs here, if you are looking to learn. Because I love sharing what I learn and I claim to be no expert on them! I'm just like you, looking for clarity because clarity is power, and with power comes the opportunity to do amazing things with our brands and small businesses. Really, thanks so much for being here!