Welcome! My Why, What and How for this Blog.

Wow! It's been ages since I've written a blog post, and I have to say, it feels like coming home. A new home, really: This is my first venture into Squarespace, and so far, I am loving it! Props to my design partner, the very talented, patient and compassionate, Rachell De Luna, a.k.a. The Artist Scientist. We had only met through email, when she sent me a message several months ago about a possible collaboration. We were able to talk about our goals and purposes for "designing work that we love," being work-at-home moms, and in our own way, influencers in our circles in social media. Our collaboration first came into fruition with a small workshop we did, in cooperation with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Brew Your Best Year community last July 1st, where several small business owners came together to learn about how to create their websites using the amazing platform of Squarespace.

First of all, my "WHY" for making this move to a self-titled website was to separate, finally, from my brand "Make it Blissful", so I could focus less on being a blogger and more on being a coach, a consultant. Making the switch to Squarespace is just one of the big moves I decided to make. After seven years of blogging and balancing motherhood, making a home and "making things blissful," it was time to take a backseat from the world of "online influencers" and focus on working with people who were looking for answers to these kinds of questions:

"How do I start creating a job that I love, really?"

"Can I really start a blog and use it for work, for business, or to create a community?"

"How do I 'brand' myself as a service provider? How do I discover what I can really offer to people so that I'll get paid to render services?"

"I can't write. Can you teach me how to write for things online?"

"I'm stuck starting my side-hustle, because I'm still working. Can you help? How'd you do it."

"Social media: Confusing! How do I use it to grow my brand? Help!"

Funnily enough, I actually created services because of these common questions I'd get asked on a regular basis. These are my "WHAT", and you can view them under "Work With Me", if you like. Before, my "what" was that of a "blog coach." This started in 2012, when I started to coach people as my "side-hustle" or part-time job. It evolved to being a full-on liaison, when I used to help people do the setting up of their own websites and blogs, kind of like as a shadow-coach of sorts for people who wanted a guided-hands approach. I finished some great projects with that kind of a service-based setup, but honestly, it became toxic in the end. That resulted in a handful of projects that didn't end happily for either me or my clients, and in a lot of stress, too! So, in order to change my "what" into something that would really play to my strengths, I honed in on the things I could really work with people on: 

  • Personal or Small Business Branding: This is not a visual design type of branding service. I work with people pre-design phase, so that they can define their "why" (core message and value), "what" (services) and "how" (platform). It's the part I enjoy the most in the birth of anyone's brand. Then when these are in place, they can happily (and with clarity!) work with graphic designers in creating their visuals: brand identity, logos and submarks, colors and textures, imagery.

  • Content Creation: I help specifically in copywriting and in crafting social media content, blog and website content. Before anyone creates their website, their blog, even their social media plan for the month, I can help write ALL those words, according to the why-what-how branding approach.

  • Social Media Engineering: From planning to concepts behind one's social media content, teaching engagement, to how to properly maintain and manage social media channels. I've been on social media for ten years, and as it adapts so does my work. I enjoy helping people navigate the uncertain waters of social media and how they can ride the current.

What now is my "HOW", or my platform, if it's not as "Martine the blogger", which I was known for for years? No, I'm not going to be blogging like I was before on Make it Blissful. I have peacefully put the blogger role to rest, but I will still write articles here on m work website. I look forward to sharing my own lessons in Branding, Content, Social Media, in lieu of small businesses and tiny brands by solopreneurs and service providers. I coach what I know; I am constantly learning something new, attending some kind of training and getting constantly fed by the ever-changing information out there; I am still going to strive to tell stories, at least in line with the work I do. My "how" will be this new blog, my sporadic live events/workshops, and my social media outlets. (For personal stuff and stories, Instagram does it for me, so you can follow me here for personal, mundane and fun stuff, and here, for work-related updates.)

So, stick around for more blogs here, if you are looking to learn. Because I love sharing what I learn and I claim to be no expert on them! I'm just like you, looking for clarity because clarity is power, and with power comes the opportunity to do amazing things with our brands and small businesses. Really, thanks so much for being here!

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