What does it mean to have a Mood Board for your Brand?

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Mood Boards are a tool that I use with every client I take on. Whether or not they are creating a logo or website, every client has her own mood board. Why? Because it is a very useful tool in helping clients answer the three pillar questions of branding. Let me explain it as simply as possible.

Why do you do what you do?

The "why" of a brand may take several weeks, months, and even years to really define. A brand changes as it evolves, especially if that brand is embodied by a person. Businesses obviously need branding in order to set them apart from the many competitors in their niche. And so in Mood Boarding, a person can begin to answer this question through the use of images that answer they 'why' question. These images are placed in certain areas on the board, to "tell the why" in a series of images (or in some cases, a single image that intentionally captures the 'why'). Knowing the 'why' of your brand goes deep into your purpose, and it may need some questions answered from your potential clients, current clientele, even your trusted friends.


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What do you do?

When you know your "what" as a brand, you can easily explain your function, easily define the problem that you solve for your clients, easily describe your product and its benefits. It is the SOLUTION you provide. In Mood Boarding, putting an image to the solution is also a process that takes some think-work. One could very easily put, say, an image of their actual product on their mood board, but if the product is note photographed in a manner that shows the brand's 'why', for instance, then that photo is simply just a catalog image. Curating imagery about "what" you do involves some aspiration, some idealism, something attractive, stimulating, and appealing.

How do you do what you do?

The "how" of a brand is all about how you deliver what it is you do to the people who need what you have to offer. This, in mood boarding, is about selecting imagery that will evoke, say, what your client feels like while you are working with them.


OK, so now that you know a bit about why mood boards matter...

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