How to bounce back into blogging after a long hiatus.


So, I’m back to blogging!

I figured that after 8 years of having a blog-turned-brand creation, I could revisit my blogging path again. This time, I approach it with the intention I’ve created for myself: to live in bliss, freedom, abundance, while upholding family and wellness, which are my core values. (Hmmm, and that sounds like the subject for another blog post, down the road.)

Why’d I stop?

You could say I lost the blogging mojo, ever since my now-very open and turbulent “broken to breakthrough” experience. I’ve been doing blog coaching for as long as I have been a work-at-home mom, and while I did have my high points, I did fall down, down, and waaaaay down into the lowest valley. (And hid it pretty well, too.) At some point, when your passion becomes your profession and it isn’t in alignment with your core values, you will burn out. That’s basically what happened to me.

I used the last three years since my last consistent blog article — because those from 2016 to 2018 were so few and far between — to work on myself, re-wire my mindset and my life, and to bounce back in life.

Now it’s time to bounce back into what brought me to my online work lifestyle in the first place.

So, how do you bounce back into blogging after you’ve been away for a while?

Here are a few ideas from yours truly, who took a long break!

Start something anew.

This doesn’t always mean a total re-design, but it can mean infusing something new in to the mix. In my case, I had some new photos and graphics made, and opted for a brand new aesthetic here on my current site, which is a different look from my Make it Blissful website that I’ve had for the last eight years.

Some ways to infuse newness in to your blog:

  • Refresh the template.

  • Start on a new platform. (I’ve been on Wordpress for years, now I’m on Squarespace.)

  • Make a new brand identity and theme. (Make sure you start with a mood board to help you process this new look.)

Depending on how long you have been away from your blog, you will have to somehow refresh it with one of these ideas.

Send out a newsletter.

Even if your domain name has stayed the same, and you are still writing about the same themes, you will still want to inform your readers (especially those who’ve been following your blog for some time), that you are back. You’ll want to let them know what’s up, what you are doing now that you’re “back at it,” and the best way to do this is through a newsletter blast. If you don’t have a newsletter or mailing list, you can generate some traction again through your social media channels (which is the next step).

Create some social media buzz.

Find out where most of your readers and followers are now hanging out. You’ll want to create buzz where it matters; no point in creating movement around your blog and what it’s been up to, if you’re putting it out on the wrong social media platforms. Don’t create a Facebook Ad without first researching the current trends and advice on how to go about it.

The best way to “re-announce” your comeback is to be conversational and use links to your blog, like a post on Facebook to your “Hey, I’m blogging again” blog post, or an Instagram photo (or grid image) to direct people to your IG bio link, where your current blog link is. (Tip: Get some of your friends on social media to help you out here!)

Do a check-up of your old content.

Most likely if you’ve left your blog unattended, you will have some links that need checking-up.

In my case, I left Make it Blissful to “rest” for about three years, but kept the spirit of it and the brand “alive” through my social media channel, mostly on Instagram. (In my personal experience, starting fresh on a NEW website rather than continue the story after the prolonged period of time. It really depends on YOU.)

I have some blogs in Make it Blissful that I still am passionate about, though, so I have considered another option. I am basically leaving the old content that I personally love, and archiving the ones that are more like my “super beginning posts”, from between 2010 to 2011, a.k.a, the “mommy blogging days.”

You may wish to edit old links that are dead, by the way. Also, check on certain outbound links, affiliate links and see if they are updated.

Here’s a tip: You can repost your most-commented articles, especially if the permalink structure has remained the same; this is so everyone who linked to them before will still be able to find them.

The plan for me here on my new site is to blog here when I believe I have something to share, say out loud for the benefit of my readers and clients. I’ve not organized it in any particular way yet; I am still deciding on how to utilize this blog in a way that serves my audience and also me, in terms of management and work load.

So, that’s it! Yay! Back to blogging.

Are you thinking of resuscitating a dormant blog, or coming back from a blogging break? What tips can you add to these?

Martine De Luna