Blissfully Wrapped


One of my favorite hobbies is giftwrapping. I used to love going into wrapping shops and hoard on pretty paper, because I love giving gifts! These days, though, I prefer to repurpose paper, embellishments from past gifts, and of course: use up ALL of the wrapping paper I hoarded on before! (Yup, I still have some last remaining rolls to use up this coming holiday season.)

Giving gifts is one of my love languages. I like to think about gifts I’ll give to my loved ones, especially for close family and good friends. And, when I wrap the gift, it seems to complete the gifting experience, like I am communicating to them how much I do appreciate them. 


In line with this, I’m super excited to announce that one of my past workshops is making a comeback this November (incidentally my birth-month), and it has been one of the most fun types I’ve created. Re-introducing “Blissfully Wrapped: A Giftwrap + Personal Branding + Mobile Photography Gathering” to be held in Daily Feast, New Manila, Quezon City this November 10, 2018.



I’ve actually done #BlissfullyWrapped three times already, the first in 2014, the next in 2015, and now after three years, it’s going to be BETTER THAN EVER!

Here’s why. 

1. I’m now a Transformational Coach, coaching in the area of Mindset and Personal Branding. I’m going to show you how GIFTING is one of ways you can “unwrap” (pun intended) your personal brand! At the same time, I’ll reveal to you why a Mindset of success and abundance (even financial wealth) starts with Giving.


2. I’m still an Insta-photography lover. I love IG! So a part of the workshop will be dedicated to helping you take beautiful photos for your IG channel, through the use of natural light + an eye for spotting the beauty in ordinary things, and capturing these into beautiful images.


3. This is still a GIFT WRAP WORKSHOP, of course! Just like the workshops in the past, I’ll be teaching you the giftwrapping hacks I’ve been known for as a gift-giver ever since I was a teen (“gifts of love” is my love-language), and how to RE-PURPOSE gift scraps, old papers, paper bags, old ribbons from previous gifts, and more! Learn to make beautiful gift wraps and toppers, creatively!


Are you ready to step into a fun, creative, and empowering workshop that will INCREASE your Gratitude, make you more ABUNDANT, and at the same time CREATIVE? 


I invite you to REGISTER NOW, and secure your slot! (Limited to 9 people due to seating capacity.) 


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