Live your bliss. Only you can.


I shared this on my Facebook page today, and was surprised at how much it touched people. So I’m placing this here, to hopefully reach more people who are needing this message, too.

By the way: My photos here are from my client’s brand photo shoot that I directed. I’ll be sharing her new brand and her website very soon — we’ve been working hard since August to help get her blissful strategy, launched.

Someone will always think of you, saying, “Too bad; she could have been such a great business partner, if only she’d (fill in the blank).”

Someone will also think of you, saying, “She’s changed a lot. I wonder why she couldn’t have stayed the same, like the way I knew her before.”

Still another person will look at you and say, “Who does she think she is?”, when you are doing what you choose to do (or be), especially if it is an obvious shift or pivot from your past.

You will never be enough for those who believe you should go by the beat of their drum. And you don’t want to be that.

Make your own magic anyway.

Manifest your own bliss.

What you believe and put faith into, WILL happen. So make sure that whatever you are believing is wholly and entirely of Love and above. YOU are enough, when you decide YOU are.

Eventually you will see: You will also find yourself around women who also are doing this for themselves.

Yes, you may lose ‘friends’ and colleagues, as a result. This is great, when you see it through wisdom and love. Because true friends will support you in love too, so consider any losses part of the litmus test of your relationship. And speaking of litmus tests? No one has to put up with ‘acidic’ conditions, so neither do you when it comes to your circle of friends, colleagues.

Your SELF-WORTH is not dependent on what anyone thinks of you. It is what you believe about you.

No one can take this from you. So make sure it is something that is of the highest energy of Love.

First, love yourself and feel good about loving yourself. You are a child of God. You are a divine being on this earth. You are abundant. Own that. Really claim it. How does that feel?

It is when you are vibing in love for yourself that you can give more, and that Love goes around and comes around. Now, isn’t that a more — the most! — beautiful way to live?

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Martine De Luna