The Get Blisstified Workshop


In the world today, it seems we are hearing more and more about people wanting to be more satisfied in life, and have meaning and purpose in what they do. In fact, this is the very reason why everything from company morale to public education systems are factoring one crucial factor into their surveys amongst employees and students: Happiness levels.

Just how happy are people today, and why is this important?

Here in Manila, the Philippines, Kimi Lu ( and Martine De Luna — both personal coaches in different areas of expertise — have been working with this ‘happiness index’ trend for the past two years, through their own method of activating passion in people, the Get Blisstified Workshop. In its first few iterations, Get Blisstified helped women to learn how to use life coaching methods to motivate them to work on a passion project: that is, a venture or project solely geared at giving that person happiness. From 2016 to 2017 — a total of 6 workshops and around 60 women served — the aim was to help women find these passions.



In 2018, Get Blisstified grew in its format, along with its founders, who themselves dove deeper into their own personal development and life coaching education. Kimi followed her passion of becoming a certified NIA instructor as another layer to her NLP and Reiki healing practice; Martine began her certification program in Transformational Coaching, specializing in mindset shifting and personal branding.

With these areas of growth being experienced by the founders, there came new infusions into Get Blisstified in 2018. This included a new format to the workshops beginning June 2018c as well as the launch of Get Blisstified, Online, an 8-week masterclass run purely online, and serving participants as far as Singapore and the United States. Through Get Blisstified Online, Martine and Kimi began to support women to not just have tools to help them launch passion projects. It took a step further and helped women to establish meaningfully productive habits, so that they can have less stress, more resilience, create powerful goals and achieving them.

This September 8th, Get Blisstified begins its 8th live workshop, with an all-new format and a bigger theme altogether, which combines the best of the last two years’ workshops into even better results for participants. In a dynamic combination of practices and coaching by Kimi and Martine, the all-new Get Blisstified Workshop helps women to activate their inner spirit, tap into their brain power, to release limiting beliefs and invite more abundance, healing, forgiveness, bravery, meaningful relationships, more income, and positive time management into their lives.


In this NEW EDITION of Get Blisstified, participants will:

* CREATE their Personal "Theme" for 2019: This tool will literally put you in your next level of life, career and spirit for the coming year
* EXPAND your money mindset, so you call in more income as you make an impact & serve the people you're meant to (as well as clear your "money blocks", which are what prevent us from a positive money mindset; you have to grow yourself before your income grows!)

*EXPERIENCE HEALING through meditative activities and tools aimed at helping you change your thoughts and patterns so you create new ones
* CONNECT with a community of positive, blissful WOMEN who want to support you in your journey to the best 2019 possible

Registration is limited to 12 participants, so that Kimi and Martine can help support and guide each participant through the coaching. There will also be a limited-space Online edition of the workshop, which runs from October to November: a fantastic way to be coached by both Kimi and Martine, with the goal of being supported in the practices taught during the workshop.

Get Blisstified: ABUNDANCE MODE is this September 8, 2018 at Local Edition, Legaspi Village, Makati. To register, please fill up the Online Application Form to be considered:



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