Declutter Your Mind and Life.

Decluttering has been the buzzword since the year began, hasn’t it? With the whole Marie Kondo effect (thanks to Netflix), the world has become more

Even before all of this tidying and decluttering became a TV-changing-magic trick, Ayessa Bautista of Declutter MNL and I were thinking of doing some kind of workshop. Declutter MNL and the Minimaluxe Blog were two brands I coached Ayessa on through to creation, and since we were both particularly interested and invested in this art of decluttering, we believed that a workshop that married our expertise — her declutter-tidy-garage sale-decor element, and my transformational coaching — would be very powerful for our clients.

And so, this is why we finally have “Declutter Your Mind & Life” a workshop that will teach you how decluttering is a habit for a successful life that is full of abundance, and also teach you practical decluttering and tidying tips for your own home, as well as how to decorate in the “minimaluxe style” which is both minimal, essentialist yet beautiful and cozy. Ayessa has been a master of this since her days as a blogger (which is how I met het four years ago, when she was still living in Berlin, Germany).

Declutter MNL x MDL.jpg

What can you expect in our workshop?

We wanted to make this workshop very practical and full of solutions you could implement straight away in your own home. We’re going to start off with a coaching session with me, where you can bring up your concerns about decluttering, starting with some of the most common blockers that prevent many people from really making the changes they’d like to see in their lives. I will teach you some mindset shifts and tools that you can use, even after the workshop, so that you can be able to turn ‘on’ that internal switch inside you that makes it easier for you to let go of things (even thoughts and beliefs) that no longer help you.

You will also learn how to start being a “decluttering diva” for your own home, because Ayessa and the Declutter MNL team will take you through the very basics and foundation of discarding, decluttering and tidying. She will also give you a TOUR OF HER HOME, located in the heart of Salcedo Village, where you can see the KonMari method applied in EVERY ROOM. Plus, she will also be teaching you the “Minimaluxe” style of decorating, a method that considers style and functional beauty, so that your home isn’t just tidy; it looks fantastic and feels good to be living in, too!

You can also expect Ayessa and I to talk about our favorite products that make our own minimaluxe lifestyle possible! We have many generous sponsors that are giving all of our participants these goodies, which can be taken home and used right away! Ayessa and I will be using these products during the workshop, too!


By the end of this workshop, you will —

  • Be empowered with mindset tools, so that you can “turn on” that internal declutter switch inside of you that makes it easy for you to let go of things that no longer serve you;

  • Have the confidence to let go of the belongings you’re keeping in a compassionate, liberating method, which you can apply to other areas in your life;

  • Know how to discard, organize, tidy and maintain your home, inspired by the popular KonMari method

  • Experience real-life rooms and storage areas, so that you can replicate the method in your own home with ease;

  • Know how to decorate your home after you have decluttered in tidied it, so that it feels great to live in;

  • Receive soooo many goodies that are healthy for you and your home, and non-toxic as well, so that you can enjoy cleaning in a mindful way.

Are you excited? We can’t wait to have you! If you are ready to be free from clutter forever, both in your home and in your mind and thinking, then we can’t wait to coach you! You can apply for a spot here (buddy rates are available for those who are coming as friends!).

Martine De Luna