If you want to have more abundance in money, stop doing this!

Here's a mindset question for us to ponder...


*** Have you ever wondered why some people believe they are POOR, while others believe they are RICH? ***

Take note of the defining word in that sentence.

(Did you spot it?)

It's "believe."

Being "poor" or being "rich" is all a matter of belief.

Now, despite what you might think, poor people aren't poor because of the government, or because they lack education, or because their parents were poor. (These things may play a small factor.)

The REAL reason why poor people are poor is because they fall into the P.O.O.R SYNDROME.

What's that?

According to one of my mentors, Caleb Maddix, "POOR" just means people who —

P - ass

O - ver

O - pportunities

R - epeatedly

This is a SYNDROME, because it is the result of several symptoms all coming together and resulting in a poor mindset.

"Ugh, I wish I had more money," some people say. But they just do the same things over and over, wishing their results would change. Example: Believing that a 'good job' is the only way to create income, and never daring to start other streams of income. What opportunity does a person like this pass over? The OPPORTUNITY to create, to experiment, to test until they find that additional stream of income (not extra that extra job, because an extra job means they lose TIME as a resource).

"Sigh, I can't afford anything," others say. But they, too, believe that they can only do what they know how to do. They never seek to elevate. The attitude of "cannot afford" is an excuse people give for not stretching themselves beyond their limits. What are they passing over? The OPPORTUNITY to grow, to increase their knowledge so that they can increase their actions and get better results!

If you really WANT something, you'll DECIDE first, then figure out how to afford it. Bob Proctor famously said, “If you haven’t decided you want it, don’t worry about being able to afford it, because you haven’t decided you want it!” We also ATTRACT what we are in harmony with; it's a universal law. What you THINK becomes the THINGS you experience.

If you think poor, guess what? Like attracts like. If you act poor, guess what? Like attracts like.

A POOR person stays poor because they are constantly passing up on opportunities.

So, if you want to be wealthy in all areas — first spiritually, then physically, then relationally finally financially — then stop passing over opportunities!!

TAKE a chance.

TAKE risks.

TAKE a leap of faith.

You can try to make changes in your life and work, but without a powerful mindset shift; without changing what you believe about yourself and how you view life, life will remain the same for you.

Mindset is the most important tool that will help you with the growth and success of your business. You must develop the right mindset in order to go straight into practical action and achieve the success you desire. I like to use million-dollar income as an example, but you should find an attainable level that you are most comfortable pursuing. Think BIG! If you are ready to truly make a change, then click on the button below to find out how.

Martine De Luna