3 ways (plus 10!) to be more productive in every part of your life.

Everyone wants to be more productive, don’t they?

I know I do. As a wife, a mom who unschools, a work-from-home entrepreneur with multiple businesses from workshops to speaking engagements, I have to be a wise steward of my time. More than that, I have to be very mindful of the energy I expend. Yes, we all have energy, and we release it into the various aspects of our lives! I’m not just talking about the energy that our food and exercise gives us (although that is important). I’m talking about the energy that we operate on: our state of conscious awareness.

We can truly be more productive once we become aware of certain aspects of who we are.

Most often, though, we don’t think of how we live our days, and so it seems like our days are a mish-mash of things to do, people to attend to, work to finish, business to manage, etc, etc, etc.

Think about it. What’s the first thing you actually DO in the morning? Really think about it.

Don’t most of us get up and grab our phones — and check Instagram or Facebook, soon as we decide to get up after pressing the “snooze” button for an hour? And then don’t we often do the normal routine: take a shower; grab a quick breakfast (or skip it; yikes!); get ready for work, commute and go on the road… you know.

How often have we thought about how we choose to live our day?

We don’t. We often lose our free will — our ability to choose, to design our life — to our programming of how we’ve always done our days.

Here’s a mindset shift I’d like to make you aware of: If we can overcome ourselves in the morning, we can overcome anything. We stop all the voices saying that we don’t have time, or we can’t get up early, or any other excuse our default brain tells us is who we are.

Think about this, really. And then may I propose doing something different, that will help you overcome our usual habits, so we can “install” new ones that will help us to be more productive , consistently.


What if we could TODAY start beginning our days differently than we’ve been used to?

What if instead of just going through the motions, we can actually begin our days with something on purpose?

For instance, what if we start our day — just after we wake up — with a very clear and purposeful question, like —

“What kind of a person would I like myself to be today?”

Of course, we’ll want to be our best self!

At the beginning of establishing this question as a kickstart to being more productive, your body will find it weird. That’s because we typically think with our body, not with our mind. Our body (which is our conscious mind, when you think about it) will resist and look for the coffee, look for the phone, see to the kids, and want to rush through the morning. That’s because it’s been programmed that way, like a computer!

Here’s an interesting thing though: If by commanding your body and your usual habits WITH YOUR MIND, first thing in the morning, you could be a kinder, more understanding, more patient, less ticked-off, less off-temper version of yourself for the rest of the day, would it be worth it for you to try these 3 ways to be more productive in your life?

If you answered “Yes”, I’m so glad you did. Because your life can literally change, if you do these straight for 7 days.


3 ways to be more productive in every part of your life (without any fancy tools, or apps!)

First, I recommend you at least have a journal for step 1 of these 3 ways. The very action of journaling and writing thoughts on paper is already part of the process of creating that new life that we want.

Then, input the time of the morning that you will do these next three steps. As in, place the time of the day for when you will do this, in your master calendar. I am doing this (and have been) as soon as I wake up, before the kids wake up (around 6:00AM to 6:45AM, my personal development time). The best time for this is really at the beginning of the day, because you start becoming aware again after having slept for some hours. It’s that gap between your sleep state (i.e. “dream state”) and your awake state, that you are in a potentially still state of being. This is the best time for what we are going to install as habits below.

Once you’ve set yourself up with a journal and a time dedicated for these things, here’s what to do for the next seven days.

  1. INTENTION-SETTING: When you get up each morning, write down 4 thoughts that you will stay conscious of the whole day. Often we’re unconscious of these, so you’d be surprised at what you can come up with! Here are some suggestions:

    • How do you tend to SPEAK? Do you automatically blame, or grumble, or criticize people and feel pissed of, without noticing it?

    • How do you tend to ACT? When we react to situations, people or things, we are living in a reactive mode. This is living in victim mentality.

    • What emotions do you live by? Are we so used to living with a “I’m not deserving” mentality that we’d rather believe it because at least it feels familiar to us?

    • Do you let your energy or thoughts drop? Do you default to feeling negative, without being aware of it? Be aware of these dips and drops.

    Once you’re aware of these at the start of the day, you will notice them during the day even before they happen. When you do, then decide what behaviors and choices you will “install” in place of how you’d normally speak, react, or feel energetically. Once you “install” this new programming, guess what? The more you do it each day, the more it becomes part of your programming; the more your personality is changed and you truly be capable of things you used to find difficult. This is because “Your personality becomes your personal reality,” says Dr. Joe Dispenza.

  2. VISUALIZING: This is about teaching your body emotionally what it feels like to see your future, manifested — and don’t get out of the imaginative state, until you feel all “the feels”. If you want to be more productive during the day, you need to be anchored on an intention, a feeling. You must feel it, be emotionally involved in it because that’s what informs your body and your habits throughout the day. The emotional signature of gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving; when we accept, believe and surrender, every thought will make it real in our bodies! In science-speak, this means that when we elevate our state simply through our imagination (when we visualize), the chemical reactions in our body begin to restore us on a cellular level. This is why 10 minutes of gratitude at the start and end of day can change your life for the rest of the day. If you’re in a state of gratitude, and you’re telling yourself you truly are wealthy, you truly are your healthiest, your body will on a cellular level perform in an empowered state, because it was informed by the mind of these! (Also take up time at the end of the day to feel gratitude and teach your body what that feels like, too. This will also help you sleep better.)

  3. “BE-ING”: Take time during the day to stop, close your eyes, breathe, and be aware of everything around you. This allows you to deplete your stress hormones and go back to that state you were in at the start of the day, essentially. Even a 2-minute break every hour just to BE; to become more aware and open by taking deep breaths and stopping all other thoughts will help our bodies to restore at a cellular level, affecting our mood, affecting our responsiveness to situations.

Try it for 7 days. I guarantee that if you do them seriously, you will start to experience so much more freedom, more bliss, even synchronicities. And — ! As a bonus, I’m also recommending these 10 additional productivity hacks. You can save it to your Pinterest board, on your phone, in your Evernote or wherever, to remind you to make these small hacks into habits for life. Please also let me know how this all is working out for you; I’d looooove for you to leave me a comment below or on Instagram! (Follow me at @martinedeluna.)

Martine De Luna