An open letter to my next blissful client

Reposting an “open letter” I did on my Facebook page that is addressed to my next ideal client. Why “ideal client”? Because if she and I work together, it will be for the right reasons, at the right time, and we both would have made a way to make it happen.

A letter to my next blissful client:

Dear lovely lady — 

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I see you, and I know what you’re going through right now. 

I see you working in front of your laptop, stumped that another day is going to all be about “getting it all done,” but you are not not the things that make work feel great to you. You’re working because, well, at least someone’s paying you. 

I see you glancing at your kids or your partner, wanting to spend quality time with them, but you don’t know how without thinking about that deadline for your client (and feeling shitty for ‘leaving work undone’). 

I see you desiring to take that trip abroad ✈️, or to try workationing or being location-independent 🌴, but dealing with feelings that you can’t afford to, or that it’s a waste of money to have that kind of option. (Or worse, worry about what your mom or dad, or other solopreneurs might say about how you’re using your money.) 

I see you wanting to be healthier and love yourself more, but you can’t shake the feeling of overwhelm that you feel (or the guilt that you keep hidden) when you treat yourself better. (“Once a month for a pedi is fine,” right?)

I see you tired, sometimes too lazy to just change anything about your situation.

It’s time to stop feeling this way.
Because you can.
The question is: “Do you REALLY WANT TO STOP FEELING THIS WAY?” 

Sometimes we keep life as it is, because we tell ourselves the same excuses: 

“This is better than nothing.” 

“At least I’m making some money.”

“This is all I think I can do right now.”

“I can’t afford to ______________ right now.”

(... and a zillion other bullshit reasons.)

I get you. 

I was giving myself these very same excuses until about three years ago, I ran out of them. At that point, I had lost all my clients, couldn’t get back to blogging because of sh*t in my head, was dealing with post-partum depression, and was forced to support our family when my husband got retrenched, not to mention vacating our 3-room home of five years for a one-bedroom halfway house at my parents’ compound. I remember having$100 in my PayPal account, and then for the first time taking $1,000 as a loan to begin a wellness business that could at least help me get back on my feet.

I’m glad I was backed up against the proverbial wall of “a life of lame excuses.” 

Without it, I wouldn’t be in the place I am now, with the clients that I really enjoy serving, enjoying experiences with my family that I always wanted, and making good money while at it.

A life you love waking up to is only a wish or a dream UNTIL YOU DECIDE IT’S REAL.

The thing is, you may not know how to make those decisions that stack up towards the life you really want.

Well, that’s the crux of my work.
It’s why I am writing you today.

I help women who are ready to ditch the bullshit excuses they tell themselves that keep them from having the life they really want, the time they want to have, the experiences they want to afford, and the growth in mindset that is the cause of all these.

I’m going to tell you with all my love —

DITCH GUILT. It doesn’t serve you (and it’ll make you age faster.)

DITCH UNDESERVINGNESS. You’ll never be happy until you do (and you’ll keep pandering for low-paying clients, and just working because of money.)

DITCH THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. You don’t know what it feels like to be making
more while working less; don’t know the feeling of having bank accounts that assure you you’re helping a lot of people and thus enjoying high-vibe money well-earned from
serving the right people... If that all sounds great but different for you, it means that if you stick to working the way you’ve been doing, you’ll get the same results you have now.

Girl I know you’re at a place in your life where there is a NUDGE inside of you constantly telling you that it is OK TO ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT.

MINDSETTING was the best gift of self-worth and self-love I gave myself and keep on giving myself. It helped me cut through the bullshit excuses I kept giving myself (and I was not realizing I was doling the excuses left and right). 

The great thing about Mindsetting is that once you break the pattern of giving in to your excuses for not living the life you really want, you will keep expanding your mind for POSSIBILITIES, because it’s been opened. When this happen, you then keep expanding your LIFE (“Life” means your knowledge, your health, your time with the ones you love, your leisure and pleasure, your business and money.)

I can’t wait to help women like you dismantle meaningless belief systems and open themselves to a life of bliss and abundance, in all areas: happiness, health, self-care, and money.

If you’re ready to DITCH THE EXCUSES that keep you working on the hamster wheel of not enjoying your experiences, of being hopeless while hustling, of feeling dismpowered as a woman, of working for clients who aren’t ideal (and pay you rates that don’t make you happy and that don’t give you the means to live a life you adore)... PM me to set up a time to chat.

Martine “#MakeItBlissful” De Luna


Ways to start getting what you want.

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Martine De Luna