Are you CHOOSING the life you want?

I seem to be posting on my Facebook pages a lot these days, these blog-long updates! I thought to post them here because they really are too precious to just lose to the algorithm! Enjoy.

Here’s a throwback photo from last November when I took my family on a holiday for a week in Singapore. It’s the most expensive city to live, work and holiday in. We stayed in a nice 4-star hotel in the city center, and enjoyed lots of good food, experiences, and shopping.

cost is a distraction.jpg

Someone asked “Why’d you have to stay in a hotel? Can’t you just do a rental?”

I LIKE HOTELS. I like having the amenities and conveniences. I like the feeling of being well-rested, having lots of space, and other reasons. A good hotel is WORTH IT FOR ME on a holiday. I am comfortable with wanting this as an experience.

There’s a powerful mindset fact to every decision we make, and it’s this:

“Cost is distraction; Worth is a FOCUS mechanism.” - Ed Mylett

Distractions are the things that we let “get to us” and take our focus off what we really want. (In my case : hotel accommodations, high level of comfort and rest, etc.)

So I made it happen. 
Happily paid for it, too.

What’s the point here?

It’s this:

Let's stop asking about what something will cost; CHOOSE what you believe will be WORTH it.

Let's stop passing up the experiences you really want to have, because we ask about the cost. All that means is that we never really wanted the experience in the first place, otherwise we would have chosen it and MADE THE MEANS to afford the experience.

“Those who say they want something without first believing they can have it, never bought into the idea in the first place.”

It’s the reason why we don’t take the vacations we want.

It’s the reason we judge people for buying the nice watch.

It’s the reason we don’t invest in growing ourselves, settling for our current conditions and results.

Then you will make a way. 
Any means to cover the price of your choice will ultimately follow, if you do not have the funds on hand.

Why? Because you CHOSE, you will now not worry about “the how,” and will make money happen.

((I did this when I said "yes" to owning a wellness business in network marketing, because I wanted to learn how to be a magnanimous, big-minded entrepreneur. [Blogging never did that for my mindset.] So I leveraged borrowed money of $1,000 towards my wellness business (because I had less than $100 in the bank), and as a result put in the effort and built up my income, resulting in 200 percent income growth between 2016 and 2018)) -- Thank you, Unicity North America and #WealthOnWellness.

((I did this when I said “yes” to becoming a certified coach without knowing where I’d get $5000... but I made that amount and profited WHILE IN COACHING SCHOOL, because I Chose First.)) -- Thank you, my business coach and client, Jenny Fenig!

((I did this when I said “yes” to working with a high-level mindset expert, not knowing where I’d get £5k.... but I manifested money consistently WHILE WORKING WITH MY MENTOR, because I Chose First.)) -- Thank you, my mindset mentor, Gull Khan!

((... and no debt til this day, by the way.))

It’s only “impossible” if you say it is.

Having what you want can be easy.

GET INVOLVED IN THE IDEA THAT YOU CAN HAVE THE EXPERIENCES YOU WANT. Feel it clearly; see it in your imagination, what we call “the workshop of the mind”. The fact you can imagine anything means you can create anything, once you come to an awareness of how.

Are you CHOOSING the life you love? 
If you haven’t chosen, then don’t worry about the cost, because you haven’t made a decision yet.

When you DECIDE that what you want can be real and no longer just an idea, then FOR SURE the circumstances (including money) will show up.

I’ll be here for you to support you through it.

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Martine De Luna