I'm featured on Jenny Fenig's podcast!

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My business coach, Jenny Fenig, is a powerful influence on my life. In the year I’ve known her, I’ve grown in leaps and bounds as an entrepreneur, but more so as a whole person.

This podcast gets quite revelatory for me. It’s like I filmed one of my coaching sessions with Jenny, so get ready for some of my truth bombs! Not everyone will agree with me, and that’s OK. That’s the beautiful thing about having your own voice, and also being able to unite your voice with others who believe in also speaking their truth.

I absolutely believe in having coaches and mentors. Not just because I am a coach and mentor, but because you do need a purposeful and productive environment to be able to bounce off and mastermind the ideas within you and around your voice, with other like-minded people. While I did relate with Jenny’s “do less, make more” message, I wasn’t setting to “be like Jenny.”

I wanted to learn from her, and I admired her personal brand: the way she lived her life, the way she ran her business, the way she valued her time and her clients’ time. So what really is valuable for me is being in the same “room” with her and other women who are themselves “taking a stand.” This is one mindset and abundance hack I have discovered to really work and have tangible results in my life.

The main idea of what this podcast is about is this: QUESTION EVERYTHING.

Yes, everything. From the way you live your life, the way you work, the way your kids go to school (or maybe the way you were brought up), to the religion your believe and the way you view your beliefs. Why do you think the way you do?

I have asked these kinds of questions at different times in my life. I’ve turned ideas — like, becoming a work at home mom but not knowing the first thing about the first job I said “yes” to — into actual results; that’s an act of creativity, which was done on purpose towards a particular and (for me) a worthy goal: To be a full-time work at home mom. (This is a fun story!)

In my questions about life, I’ve also made declarations of belief. The most “popular” one was “make it blissful,” which at first was the name of my old blog, but eventually it became something I had to become, when everything I had “branded” as blissful, was lost in one fell swoop.

Being around people from around the globe through this network has helped me to also have a braver voice against separation and division, between cultures, economies, and even the kind of work we do. My stand on “embracing oneness” that I talk about here towards the end of the podcast, is all about me wanting to write about, create programs around, and speak out against the separation and division that “limiting beliefs” have impressed upon us, no matter where we are in the world.

It’s time to be done with the division between cultures.

It’s time to end the mindset of “us here in the first world; them over there in the third world.” (This still does exist as a heavily impressed paradigm between the Western and Eastern cultures.)

It’s time to have conversations and dialogue between those who are noticeably more advanced in their business growth, and those who are just beginning and feeling their way around things.

It’s time to raise our consciousness and start seeing the lines between us, get blurred and disappear. There’s a reason why we’ve bridged the distances between countries, and soon, even these things that separate us — our collective self-image — will soon be revamped, at the consciousness level. SO exciting!

This and so much more, is what I want to talk about.

I’d love to know what you think, so please share your feedback with me in the comments!


Martine De Luna