Why I stopped posting “before & after” pics of my health and weight loss

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Many of you know that I love “health & wellness.”

The thing is, I’ve stopped typifying what I do as just having to do with “health & wellness,” because it’s more than that. Also, because the entire health & wellness (even the fitness genre) sends a fragmented message of what health truly is, and therefore, many get blamed for making unrealistic claims.

Yes, even with the disclaimer “results may vary,” I know that most often people will look at “health transformation” and “before & after” photos with skepticism, or even dejectedness, like “Sigh. I wish it were that easy for me.”

I understand.

It sucks to feel that way.

The true, lasting WELL-BEING — the natural state of feeling good in mind, body and spirit — is an expression of our self-image: how we see ourselves.

Healthfulness is our natural, supposed-to-be-state as human beings. Unfortunately we’ve confused things like dieting, weight loss, fitness, going to the gym as barometers for how healthy or not we are. We live without regard for our health, until we “lose” it, like to a heart or liver or blood sugar condition.

We look at conditions outside of ourselves to give us the results we want, but the truth is we are never going to find them unless we change ourselves from within: how we think, and therefore how we act, how we behave.

This is why “health & wellness” is a an INTERNAL PROGRAMMING PROBLEM — not a food / diet / fitness problem. Because the body is the instrument of the mind: It can only EXPRESS WHAT IT TRULY FEELS inside.

Since we “default” to our set ways, if we are set to a program that says “Being healthy is so hard,” guess what? It will be, and every part of the journey will feel hard.

Until we get our internal self-talk, our thinking & feeling set to the idea that we are God’s highest form of creation... then “being healthy” will always feel like a faraway destination for us, and never our natural state. We will feel every investment is “expensive” and “not worth it,” because we feel we don’t deserve it.

So we’ve got to transform from the inside.

Health IS our natural state.

We don’t “get healthy”: We express it as an result of how we see ourselves.

Well-being is an inside job.

Well-being is a result of our “mind set point.” When we are true expressions of well-being, we’ll default to food that nourishes and heals, and it won’t feel hard to do. We’ll work out and move our bodies, because movement makes us feel good and strong. We’ll not need to “make healthy choices” because our well-being becomes the set point for all our decision making.

Now isn’t that a captivating way of living?


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