Are you afraid of turning 40?

I'm turning 40 next month. 

But about two years ago, I was panicking and scared about this time.

I was literally scared and fearful about the big 4-0. In fact, I looked totally like I was scared and fearful, because I totally let myself go. Aside from being a new mom a second time around, I was insecure about where my life was, because I had a fluctuating income, a withering reputation as a blogger (failed there), and I was dealing with a slew of challenges that came with being a mom of two and working from home while being the sole income provider, since my husband had also been laid off. 

Here's a photo of me and my daughter in November 2015. 


This was the week we had just moved out, and it was the week of my son's birthday party. (See the balloons?)

I'll never forget that time. 

I was 45 pounds heavier, working several freelance jobs because my husband was trying to get back on his feet... and I just wanted to give my son a decent 6th birthday party, because it was the only thing I could afford, and at the time the only happiness I was living for.

Rock-bottom is sacred. 

From being insecure about what the heck I was going to do as I approached the proverbial 4-0 on the age journey, all I wanted was to get back on my feet somehow.

In mid-2016, a good friend of mine reached out to be and offered to mentor me in a wellness business. A big part of the business involved learning a lifestyle of total health: nutrition-wise, fitness-wise, and mindset-wise (first and foremost). As I learned how to take care of myself from the inside-out, I created a NEW PATTERN for my life, one of ownership, freedom, abundance, wellness, and bliss.

Because my family deserved no less.

Becoming a mentor for women who wanted to go "from broke to blissful" and "from breakdown to breakthrough" became the piece in my life story. From literally $100 in my PayPal account, I simply started to change the trajectory of my life because I felt a sense of mission and purpose for women like me whom I might help in the future. I had no idea in July 2016 that two years down the road, I'd be a Transformational Coach (which I am now). So I have my own "school of hard knocks" to THANK for changing my life for the better.

And I stopped obsessing about my age, my body, my career, my concerns. 
I just took control of what I could, and made the moves to "make things blissful," from my mind, to my body, and down to my daily actions.

Today, I feel good about the next decade. 

martine de luna age 40

This is me today, or more accurately, last month when I did a local workshop here in Manila. It's not the weight that I lost that matters, or the makeover that I had. Those are just add-ons to the real work that continues to happen, to this day.

I got help. 
I received support
I was mentored and guided.
I was CHAMPIONED, and I was blisstified.

And guess what? 

That's EXACTLY what I want to do for YOU.

This November, I turn 40 — woohoo! And I am super excited!!! I truly am! 

And, as a part of my celebration of my birth month, I have created a new coaching program for women who would like a safe, blissful, and nurturing space to come together and do the inner and outer work on themselves.

Could you be ONE of the women who are called to join us?

This new Mindset & Confidence-building, empowerment program is detailed on my website, and it is designed for women who are almost-or-40-and-beyond who would like to nurture and cultivate a more blissful outlook, mindset and confidence in this beautiful time in their lives.

Mid-life crises are normal, and they CAN be redeemed for your ultimate bliss. 

Imagine waking up each day looking forward to your day, where the age you are doesn't matter, but the time that you are given is seen and experienced in a whole new light?

Does having a sense of purpose and direction sound good?

How about feeling confident and assured that you are going to be useful and appreciated?

How about knowing what mindset tools to use, whenever you feel stuck, lost, confused and stalled in your life, plans and purpose?

These are totally, TOTALLY possible.

I know. I've lived to tell about it.
Honestly, AGE is JUST a number — nothing more.

Find out how to surpass this often-feared life stage, during the #40isForever Women’s Group Coaching Program. This is a 6-Week Journey towards mastering Positive Habits and Empowerment Tools, to help you Thrive (not just survive). By guiding you to re-wire your Mindset towards one of Possibility and Bliss, I will show you how you can achieve ANYTHING you desire.

I invite you to step into the details, right over here:  #40isForever (and it's for YOU)

The invitation to come together is open. 

If you would like to see what's possible for you;
if clarity about the next decade is what you crave; 
if you simply would like to go into a nurturing space with other women who are — like you — on that journey to creating new breakthroughs and possibilities for their lives, their career, their finances, their FREEDOM...

... then I invite you to come in.

Comment below, and I’ll reply.
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Martine De Luna