Are you ready to love yourself and become captivating to others?

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  • Do you ever wonder when it will be easier to really change the way you feel about yourself, when you look in the mirror?

  • Do you ask yourself “Why is it so hard for me to do good things for myself?” like eating well, exercising, self-care,

  • Have you tried to use your own willpower to say no to the things that aren’t healthy for your mind or body, and failed?

  • Do you feel like no matter how much you want to make changes in your life, you do not have the right support, the understand, or even discipline to keep yourself happy and moving forward into a real change of living?

  • Have you ever wanted to ‘fix' your image of your personal brand, but always felt like you are undeserving, not worthy, and limited in your capacity?

What if in 90 days, you could be more powerfully equipped with resilience and a high self-worth, so that things like staying healthy, being less stressed at work, having true self-care and being confident within yourself and in front of others are natural states for you?

Here is what I know: “Your thoughts become things.” If you have wanted to really kick your bad habits for good, it all starts in what you are thinking about and what is going on in your head, so that you can understand what goes on to your plate, both physically and spiritually speaking.


change your thinking. FEEL

your feelings = CHANGE Your RESULTS.

It’s really that simple.

Here is what I know:

  • I know you would like to feel great about who you are. You would like to wake up full of energy each day, because you truthfully love every part of yourself.

  • You want to have a empowering self-talk — that small voice inside you that guides you, called your intuition, so that you no longer struggle with comparing your results to another person or outward sources;

  • I know you would like to feel that you are making the best choices for

    • yourself,

    • your health,

    • your work and income

    • your personal goals

    • your expression of self and how people experience you (personal branding)

  • I know you are wanting to make changes in how you think, so that decisions you make support the beautiful changes you desire to see happening now in your life.

Your life can change in an INSTANT, and the power to do that is ALREADY IN YOU.

In Be Captivating, I guide you as a group so you can build powerful beliefs and self-trust, so that you can go where you want to go, for anything in your life, relationships, and work or business.

Remember: How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING.


WHO IS Be Captivating FOR?

It’s for the woman who is :

  • committed to develop an authentic SELF-EXPRESSION: a personal brand that is a direct reflection of her authentic self.

  • looking for a practical way to be more well in mind and body,

  • tired of habits that are making you feel bad or unwell, and want a real change in the way you view your emotional responses to food, winding-down and stress relief, so that accomplish real rest and relaxation

  • needing the support and kindness to lovingly make a truly healthy change from anything toxic

  • desiring lasting self-love solutions that you can use anytime, regardless of what your budget is, where you live, and your condition.

  • wanting to understand self-love beyond what society normally markets as self-love and self-care.

  • tired of the band-aid solutions that give a temporary feeling of satisfaction

  • eager to learn how to access your bliss internally, so you start giving your body true rest, even true physical responses like calming down, orgasming, and more

  • ready to learn how to be natural and confident as a person, starting with your mindset, so that you can work with the people in your life who are your support system for overall personal success (like your doctor, your nutritionist, your fitness coach, your boss, literally whoever are the people in your life)

  • would like to know the connection between the above benefits and building a CAPTIVATING personal brand, which benefits your career, how you accomplish your goals, and how you put yourself out there in your life and business.

It’s time you decided you DESERVE to be happy, confident and whole — because the truth is YOU ARE… you just need to know how to know it.

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Sounds good, so far?

Here's what's waiting for you in Be Captivating: A Self-Image Awakening.

  • 12 Weeks of COACHING as a group, which is important because you’ll want as much support for your journey.

    • WEEKS 1-2: Your Mindset + Your Self-Worth = Your Reality

    • WEEKS 3-4: Self-Love + Self-Respect = CAPTIVATING

    • WEEKS 5-6: Reprogramming Yourself for Success, Inside-Out

    • WEEKS 7-9: Listening to Your Feelings and Respecting Them, Self-Respect and Other People, Protecting Your Worth

    • WEEKS 10-12: The Habit of Being Captivating in your Communicating, your Marketing, your Business/Work

  • LIVE coaching calls: We will have every-other-weekly coaching sessions for Group Coaching, done online (using the Zoom app, which works on any Android or Apple device, laptop). Calls will be scheduled depending on the locations of those who are confirmed participants of the program, so these will shift depending on your willingness to commit to the program.

  • Private Facebook Group, where you can connect with the community and utilize the habit-creation prompts to help you shift your energy, optimize your habits, and get into more flow & connection with life.

  • RECORDINGS of all coaching calls: In case you are unable to make a call, you will receive a call recording, so that you never miss a session!

  • Accountability : A system to help you overcome your self-limiting beliefs and really build up good habits when it comes to emotional responses.

  • Self-Love Empowerment Mindset Toolkit: These tools to help you move forward, take aligned action, while also taking good care of yourself. I empower you with affirmations + accountability of your goals (within a specified coaching period), and then guide you as you implement.

  • Wrap-Up Online Retreat when the 12 weeks end, and you either finish the program (or, renew and continue — yes, you can keep on going!).


    • Blissmakery Personal Branding Bootcamp 4-Part Program on how to build out a visually-please personal brand platform on social media that feels good to you and to the people who hire and buy from you.

    • Promotion and visibility to my channels on social media (@martinedeluna), if you are activating your own business or brand and you want to sound it off to my communities


By the end of this program, you will have learned mindset tools to help you have more self-worth, so that you will also view how you view self, relationships, work, even food and movement, in a SELF-LOVE language.

Before anything, I need to ask you a few questions. This is so I know if we are a good fit to work together as coach and client. This is an application form for my coaching on Be Captivating: A Self-Image Awakening! It’ll be a fun, supportive and loving group you will journey with for 12 weeks, and we will support one another each step of the way!

Join the waitlist. New batch begins October to December, 2019!