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Let's make your life blissful, now.

My coaching approaches are great for those who want to get immediate CLARITY on what they want to achieve in their personal lives, relationships, work, career and income, and are ready to be GUIDED towards creating a blissful life they adore. 

1:1 Coaching
"Bliss Strategy"


I take on a limited number of results-driven soul-filled women like you, who want to make big moves in their lives.

Bliss Strategy © is a soulful, 3-month to 6-month journey of breakthrough for women who love what they do & want their brands to shine bright for the people they serve, without forsaking the people they love the most. 

If you read my story about how I got here, you will understand I believe everything happens for a reason. Nothing in your life up to this point has happened to you; it has happened for you. How do you connect-the-dots between the experiences that have shaped you in the past to your here & now, as you run your business, or launch a project you love, or work on improving or transforming yourself? 

I know how to take pain, failure, and even failure several times over, and help you create a breakthrough to your next step in life. I know, because I did it, too. At the same time, I live for the transformative journey of self-awareness and Mindset-building. I believe life CAN be designed, that the work we do CAN be done with ease and grace, that we can create time for what we love and not be hustling all the time.

4-Week 1:1 Business Brand Consulting

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refine & be proud of the service & business you bring to your blissful clients.

The Business Brand Consulting is a 4-Week, output and action-oriented coaching deep-dive, for those looking for immediate strategy. I have helped people through this program to:

  • gain clarity on a short and / or long term goal

  • re-define their value proposition and service offerings

  • plan the content of their blog and social media

  • identify the tools and systems to best support their current needs

  • tips and techniques in planning authentic, meaningful content of their communication channels, so that they build a tribe through their message and mindset

  • identify the tools and systems to best support their current needs

You can purchase this service immediately, by clicking the link below.

Blissful Unicorn Mastermind


The Blissful Unicorn Mastermind is a 3-month mastermind on Personal Brand Activation with Values-Based Time Alignment.

It is for service-based entrepreneurs and small business builders, who want to reignite their passion, get the best clients and customers, make meaningful money and create a thriving business that is BUILT ON A SOLID PERSONAL BRAND.

This 3-month, empowering and high-touch coaching with me is for if:

  • You want to know what to do to get started in building a powerful personal brand through a niche

  • You may already have your own service-based business or small business and are working with clients or have customers, but want to elevate your mindset so you can work less, make more

  • You want to clarify what your personal brand stands for, and how it will help you attract the kind of people you want to serve with your soul purpose;

  • Are struggling with work/life balance;

  • Aren't doing the type of work you love yet (and therefore aren't making the high-frequency money that you have a good energy with); or

  • You have no clue what you are doing, except you desire to be more free and blissful in creating a life you adore, by hook or by crook because you value Time and Freedom, all together and are willing to PUT IN THE EFFORT to create a life you adore.

If this is you, then you are ready to work with me. I've just described who I was (used to be) in those bullets above. So consider this coaching a "me passing on to you" what I have learned, the mistakes I've made, the successes I'm experiencing, and how you can acquire the mindset to become and be the powerful unicorn brand you're wishing you are, right now.