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Create More Ease in Your Life & Work, Today.


Each month, I work with a limited number of results-driven soul-filled solopreneurs like you, who love what they do & want their brands to shine bright for the people they serve, while not forsaking the people they love the most.



As a Bliss Strategist, my job is to help you —

  • find CLARITY about why you do what you do in your life & business;  
  • get CONFIDENT about your Brand Message, content, and communications in your business;
  • extract CREATIVITY, so you do the deep work involved in creating your business offerings, your services, even your blog or website, or activating your brand through social media;
  • create TIME BLOCKS for all you have to be in the roles you are called by Life to fill. 

My coaching always begins with a Bliss Strategy Session, or if you're ready, an application for a full-on Bliss Strategy Coaching Program. Here, you and I will get to know each other and discover how to help you authentically tell your story. By knowing the vision, values, and the daily ins and outs of your business, this coaching programme will help me coach you on your brand from its core down to your point of contact with your customers (or readers, if you're a blogger). Below is a list of what’s included in my 1  to 8-week services:

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Bliss Strategy Call

A Brand Coaching session for those looking for immediate strategy. Includes:

  • One Power Session via Zoom.us, (up to 120 mins.)
  • Pre-Consultation Questionnaire
  • 1 week email support after the session

I have helped people through this consultation to:

  • gain clarity on a short and / or long term goal
  • re-define their value proposition and service offerings
  • work through fears and concerns that were holding them back
  • plan the content of their blog and social media
  • identify the tools and systems to best support their current needs

Your Investment: US $ 150

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Bliss Strategy Coaching


The Bliss Strategy Coaching program is a (minimum 8-weeks) personalized coaching & mentoring program, with a unique desired outcome for your life or business. This program can help you —

  • create more time for the things you wish to experience and do, whether in your personal life or business
  • conceptualize a website for your brand
  • learn to create a Brand Story, that guides every aspect of your brand: blog content, social media content
  • create, define & package your services attractively for your target clients, down to the copywriting needed to make those offerings and services sell.
  • re-wire and improve on the processes and aspects of your offerings and services, so that you can earn more or get paid more for what you do.

... and much, much more, as each program is CUSTOMIZED and DESIGNED specifically for YOU.



I take a limited number of women who want to feel good, confident, and strong in what they do & the services they offer. Are you ready? Because here's what's waiting for you.

A Personalized Brand Therapy Workbook, to get clear on the outcome you wish from the coaching period. You'll receive a short questionnaire about your business and your goals. I'll review your current website and social media platforms, and your content.

A Brand Audit. This is a detailed analysis of your brand. After you answer the Questionnaire, I will do an overall evaluation of your brand: your website, collateral and social media, and will together create an action plan with points for immediate improvements, all the way up to high-level brand therapy, i.e. overhauls and revamps.

One 1-hour kick-off meeting on the first week (Zoom)


Six (6) Weekly 45 minute check-in sessions for implementation of your Brand Strategy & accountability of your goals (within a 8-week period). During our scheduled 45-minute coaching calls (total of 6), we'll cover specific areas of your brand improvement, where I will guide you through the recommended action steps and answer any questions you may have. At this point, I guide you during the implementation of your brand improvements.

Customized Brand Strategy, based on the outcome of our time together +  One 1-hour sign-off meeting on the final week (Zoom)

Email access for questions, clarification and feedback

Apply for your FREE Brand Me, Please Strategy Call. All coaching work is subject to a Strategy Call, where you will let me know if you are ready to take the leap to elevating your brand from "blah" to "bliss!" (Because I'm ready to make that happen with you.



After you have gotten clear on your brand direction, offers & services, ideal customer, it's time to create a visual identity.  Includes an entire branding suite, files for you to use for printing or website. Pricing is customized based on the scope of the design work.




Small business owners like you want to tell your customers that you are consistently reachable and able to provide them with your solutions to their needs. That's what social media does for you, but I know you don't have the time to manage it because you are busy with your businessLet me help you establish your brand on social media, so that you are always there, building loyalty and trust in your customers and followers — while you are running what you're amazing at already: your brand and business. 



This ONE-TIME PACKAGE includes:

Non-sleazy promotion of your products and services. After 6 years as a blogger, and 8 years working online, I know the difference between the hard sell and the kind of self-promotion that benefits both the customer AND you. The posts will not feel sales-y or sleazy at all.  

Call-to-action. With each piece of content, I will strategically post links on your social media channel to get people clicking through to your site and what you are offering.

An 8-week Social Media Calendar with 60 DONE-FOR-YOU posts with Copy & Images, for one channel: Facebook or Instagram. That means no more wondering "What am I gonna post?" I've got it covered, every day of the week.

Individualized content (which you can REPLICATE, month after month). The Done-For-You content will consist of a variety of articles, video links, inspiration and images that will showcase your expertise within your social media communities. I only curate high quality content that aligns with your business. 


for a DONE-FOR-YOU CALENDAR you can replicate over & over.