3-Month Group Coaching for Work-at-Home Moms

3-Month Group Coaching for Work-at-Home Moms


The WAHMderful Blissful Circle is an Subscription-Based, Flexible, GROUP COACHING SERVICE, serving WAHMs just like you who want — 

  • An easier time, every day

  • Inspiration, but also how to take action on being a satisfied, joyful working mother

  • To find more time (and create it) for self-care and personal growth

  • LOVING and accepting peer-to-peer support from other real moms in #WAHMrealness

  • SPECIFIC work-at-home practices and productivity systems to help make your work-at-home life a happy, healthy one.

We are a community of moms who believe in positive living, in being able to practice “strength and grace under pressure.” We want to encourage you through motherhood, whether you’re just starting off, or you’re seasoned and looking for companionship.

We’re all about self-love, practical inspiration, parenting realness, happy homemaking, and women empowerment.

If you are ready to have more peace, more clarity, and yes, some laughs along the way (We love fun!), then you will enjoy the elements of this ongoing program, which will also give you tools and tips you will receive in your member’s area each month and in the secret online community everyday.

FULL DESCRIPTION here: WAHMderful Group Coaching for Work-at-Home Moms

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