Bliss Strategists Mastermind


Group Coaching & Consulting
for Women Who Lead in life or business, who are committed to
thinking powerfully, feeling great, and taking meaningful action
to have what they really want.


The Bliss Strategists’ Mastermind is a 5-month JOURNEY as a Group Coaching and Consulting mastermind for service-based entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs (not yet entreps, but exploring), and those who want to CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

A “MASTERMIND” is a productive environment for women who want to

(1) master their mindset (so they can be resilient through life’s ups & downs),

(2) desire ease in achieving their goals, and having more time, more money, and thriving businesses, BUILT ON AN AUTHENTIC PERSONAL BRAND.

(3) attract the best kind of experiences with their families, loved ones, and also their clients and customers, because they know their purpose, vision and goals.

We have a 3-pronged alignment ethos:

(1) Mindset Mastery;

(2) Personal Mastery, and thus developing a personal brand;

(3) Goal-Achieving, through Time Mastery and Money Mastery.

MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a “wantrepreneur” (you want to be an entrepreneur), or you simply want to grow in your life and achieve new results: you will want to practice self-mastery, so that you can truly live according to your purpose, and be your authentic self.

It is only when you know who YOU are that you attract the best experiences into your life, like:

— aligned clients and customers, and making meaningful money

— a thriving personal life experience

— a visibly confident and authentic personal brand that is BUILT ON A SOLID MINDSET foundation

— more time to enjoy pleasure.

Elevate your mindset and master your emotions, body, and schedule, so you can work less, make more money, and truly do what you love.

If you are the kind of person who has no clue what you are doing with your life, but you desire to be more free and blissful in creating a life you love waking up to each day, because you value Time and Freedom, together… and you are willing to PUT IN THE EFFORT to create a life you adore… then this is also for you.


  • You are OPEN-MINDED and willing to release what no longer serves you anymore;

  • You are tired of the old ways of doing a business, making plans and never being able to achieve them;

  • Are struggling with work/life balance, time, organization and productivity;

  • You want to know what to do to get started in building a powerful personal brand through vulnerability, courage and confidence;

  • You may already have your own service-based business or non-traditional business and are working with clients or have customers/distributors, and want to elevate your mindset so you can work less, make more

  • You want to clarify what your personal brand stands for, and how it will help you attract the kind of people you want to serve with your soul purpose;

  • Aren't doing the type of work you love yet (and therefore aren't making the high-frequency money that you have a good energy with); or

  • You have no clue what you are doing, except you desire to be more free and blissful in creating a life you adore, by hook or by crook because you value Time and Freedom, all together and are willing to PUT IN THE EFFORT to create a life you adore.

If you have said yes to at least one of these…, then you are ready to have what you want.

Side note: I've just described who I was (used to be) in those bullets above. So consider this coaching a "me passing on to you" what I have learned. If you like the idea of leveraging on the mistakes I've made (so you won’t have to); if you like the concept of having a container where you can be yourself, but also challenge yourself, and you are open to the idea of growing your mindset to become and be the powerful YOU that you really are.

I know you may feel like you’ll never “be ready” for the great work you put out there.

You might be scared as hell to take that big risk; 

  • to make that big leap in your career,

  • to start that business on the side,

  • to go full-on into another business,

  • to go all-in with that relationship you’ve asked for but are scared to risk for,

  • to be more out-there and brave in putting yourself online,

  • to freaking ADMIT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, because a better future, a bigger life, a house, a car, a travel goal, a lifestyle scares you a.F.

You’ll never feel one hundred percent ready.

And that’s the beautiful thing, because the fun is in FINDING OUT HOW TO GET THERE and becoming the person who is living in that life you’ve dreamed of.

Your STAND is your BRAND.

You literally attract what you really have inside you.

So make sure you know who YOU are…. and that’s what we’ll work on, together.


When you get in, you will receive:

  • Powerful coaching mastermind calls, delivered completely online, for the entire 5-month program. (Two calls a month)

  • Access to One on one (1:1) strategy sessions with Martine, agreed-upon and scheduled within this mastermind period;

  • Thought-altering MINDSET TOOLS on the important pillars of your life, relationships, brand, and business/income generating activities:

    • Your worldview

    • Your habits

    • Your money muscle and money mindset

    • Your mindfulness

    • Your character and core values

    • Confidence and self-worth

    • Service and value propositions

    • … and MUCH MORE (secrets and goods, launched intuitively, and typically when you all need it!)

  • A community of co-masterminders, committed to the collective vision and mission of all to have Personal Confidence, Cashflow Clarity, and Bountiful Lives of freedom and bliss

  • Local meetups with your fellow masterminders, to touch base and connect face-to-face

  • BONUS ACCESS to the Blissmakery Personal Branding Bootcamp (worth $255.50!), where you can develop and hone your Personal Brand, and align it with the life you really want to live. This is only available to this Mastermind, and to Martine’s 1:1 program. We will dig into this in the mastermind itself.


The only way out of where you are right now is through.

This is it. If you are ready to super-charge your Life with a powerful Mindset, so that you can be a master of your thoughts, feelings and actions; if you are ready to infuse more cashflow into the work that you love; if you are committed to doing the work to rewire how you think about life and work, and how you view abundance, possibility, and success; if you are ready to learn to live to your strengths, potential and your mission — then you are invited to SIGN-UP WITH US!


Questions? We got answers.

When and how often will we meet?

Once you're fully in, you and I will have your first 1:1 session (45 mins), so I can get to know you. We’ll meet with the mastermind crew every two weeks,

As needed, you can schedule a 1:1 30 min power session with me each coaching week throughout the mastermind, to discuss privately how you're doing with your commitments and goals. It’s also a great time to get some one-on-one relaxation, meditation, guided visualization, and goal-setting. There’s no set format for these; you will learn how to trust your higher faculties more and more, though, which will always benefit you.

What will the mastermind calls be like?

However, we will address whatever is popping up in your awareness (and in mine) and assessing how and where even greater awareness and growth can occur.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results are always tantamount to the thoughts, the feelings, and the aligned actions of each client. I've seen everything from clients winning vacations to manifesting massive business opportunities, and even emerging from the depths of depression. (You can watch my Client Sessions interviews, here on my social media page: Mastermind Client Sessions.)