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This is BLISS: Knowing WHO you are, WHAT you stand for, and HOW you can make life blissful for others (while never forsaking your own worth, time and happiness.)



As a Bliss Strategist, I am in the unique role of both your Coach and your Mentor. I help you ALIGN why you do what you do, and how you do it.  By helping you define you WHY, WHAT, and HOW — I help you open doorways to your ideal clients and customers, WHILE helping you to aligning your energy and time for the things that matter: family, self-care, and everything else outside of your profession and work. 

  • define a life + work strategy that you're at peace with and gives you ease & less stress;

  • confidently craft the Story of YOU — I help you as you create a Vision for your Blissful Self, based on inner, foundational work on your Personal Identity. This is a valuable piece of the Personal Branding puzzle, and is the launchpad for the Elements of you that you bring to the world, which leads beautifully into the next step, that is —

  • helping you to integrate the strategic work and improvements to whatever you are creating or revamping, be that a small business, a service, a website, or even your social media channels, so you build credibility as a go-to business or go-to person;

  • and while doing all this, never forsaking WHY you do your blissful work: creating time, peace, and space and plans to be with the people you love and the non-work projects that make you come alive.

So... If you are ready to create that BLISS STRATEGY that will give you BOTH a LIFE & an INCOME to support that life, then take action NOW. Click below to apply for an option to Create Your Bliss Strategy, TODAY.




I was a blogger and social media engager for six years before embracing the call to brand consultancy and coaching for bloggers. I've got an eye for both sides of the spectrum: from the side of the client (influencer), to the side of the brand seeking influencer & blogger engagement. My work as a Brand Consultant is to bridge that gap between creating a Personal Brand that gets you positioned in the digital marketplace AND your ideal client. I provide Brand Coaching VIP Days, on a limited client basis and by application.


SOCIAL MEDIA Consulting and Content Creation Strategy