Blissmakery Brand Coaching for those building an online brand, blog, business, or service

Blissmakery Brand Coaching for those building an online brand, blog, business, or service


Step CONFIDENTLY into the market with a Brand you're proud to BE and OWN. Get your ideal clients & customers buying from you happily, because you are serving them. Create your brand content with ease, joy, and yes, right at home (while enjoying yourself) Have more time for what matters...

GET THE BLISSMAKERY today, and receive 

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  • BONUS: 3 Bonus Trainings

    • Media Kit Creation

    • Decluttering your Space for Brand Content Creation, and;

    • Time Alignment (for orders from August to September 30, 2018 ONLY)

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module 1: start with why, what & how

LET ME BE REAL: You aren't selling because you don't fully believe in what you offer. In this establishing module, you will --

  • be guided on how to release the fears and hesitations you have surrounding your brand (and the business that is a part of it)

  • learn a simple process of how to DISCOVER WHAT YOUR BRAND IS without having to come up with the answers yourself

  • claim your UNIQUE SOLUTION FOR YOUR IDEAL CLIENT through a coaching method that you can switch on anytime to realize that you have been solving problems your whole life.

  • learn how to REPOSITION YOUR OFFERS, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SO THAT you are an irresistible solution for your audience and potential customers (Authentic, Inspired Marketing = A.I.M System)


module 2:
look at me! 

My most popular, in-demand workshops have been all about the VISUALS, and I am not surprised. I am a totally visual, high-touch, high vibe person, and that is why I've been able to create a brand alignment between the work I do, the life I make known to my readers & followers, as well as how these look, feel, sound and are perceived. In Module 2: Look at Me, we will explore --

  • MOOD BOARD 101 : Crafting the Look of Your Brand. This is a hands-on teaching-with-homework experience where I'll take you through the power of creative visioning in creating mood board that expresses your Brand through color, words, textures, tones and feelings.

  • MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR NON-PHOTOGRAPHERS : I was a schooled photographer in high school, waaaaay before all these digital cameras became the norm! But, I've also developed a good eye and utility for the handy mobile cameras we all carry around in our phones. Here you'll learn best practices on how to take photos that capture your brand's look, feel, and senses, so that you don't just take pictures but tell stories that connect with the people you serve.

  • THE INSTAGRAM GRID + THE PINTEREST BOARD : A fun and fluid tutorial on how to create a cohesive visual brand on two of the most impactful platforms for sharing visual brand stories and content.

  • DESIGN A SPACE THAT IS BLISSFUL : Most people who work from home are stumped at how to easily create content that weaves into their daily lives. It CAN be done. I'll show you how to create your own "brand space at home", so that the areas of your home are "on-brand", yet feel natural and homey for you, not artificial, put-on or expensive to maintain, so that you are always ready to create visual content, anytime at home!

module 3: building out your brand

Most people are confused about WHAT STUFF TO CREATE for their brand. Here we'll talk about Brand Elements, and the essential components you'll want consider, like --

  • SERVICE CREATION 101 : I've been popularly known as a pioneering blog coach in my country, having begun the offer way before it was the norm. I'll teach you how to create service offerings based on what problems you solve for your clients (and how to market those services to your blissful clients who will gladly pay you for serving them.

  • BRAND NAME BRAINSTORMER : Naming your Offers and Services is crucial to you establishing yourself differently from your competitors and contemporaries. I'll show you how to name your brand, your offers, even your products in alignment and with recall.


          write here.


module 4: write & speak, blissfully.

Getting your message across starts with knowing how to have a way with WORDS. I've been writing (and earning from it) since I was an editorial assistant on-the-job-training at age 19; I've been around the written word for a while! Even if you're not a writer, you'll get:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA COPY & CAPTIONING : I used to be a social media manager for small businesses, with the task of daily providing content for Facebook pages and Instagram feeds. Now that I no longer do this for hire, let me teach you how to do it yourself so that you don't need to hire someone for yourself. We'll cook up some Social Media Captioning that Hooks & Attracts Inquiries, Calls and Sales

  • TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG : Blogging for Today: How, When, and How Often? As a lifestyle blogger for almost six years straight, I was writing pretty much all the time, through all the changes to the blogging niches, blog styles and methods, even platforms. I'll show you why blogging still matters, and how you can do it with more ease, purpose and, yes, I daresay, even peace.