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How do you really design a life with your rules?


Each month, I work with a limited number of results-driven soul-filled women like you, who love what they do & want their brands to shine bright for the people they serve, without forsaking the people they love the most. 

If you read my story about how I got here, you will understand I believe everything happens for a reason. Nothing in your life up to this point has happened to you; it has happened for you. How do you connect-the-dots between the experiences that have shaped you in the past to your here & now, as you run your business, or launch a project you love, or work on improving or transforming yourself? I know how to take pain, failure, and even failure several times over, and help you create a breakthrough to your next step in life. I know, because I did it, too. As a Bliss Strategist, my COACHING is to help you —

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  • find CLARITY about why you do what you do in your life & business;

  • get CONFIDENT about your Brand Message, content, and communications in your business;

  • extract CREATIVITY, so you do the deep work involved in creating your business offerings, your services, even your blog or website, or activating your brand through social media;

  • declutter your SCHEDULE & create TIME for all you have to be in the roles you are called by Life to fill.

The Bliss Strategy VIP Coaching is my limited-slot, one-on-one coaching. Here, you and I will get to know each other and discover how to help you authentically build a life you love waking up to, comprising your personal habits + your business or work. By knowing the vision, values, and the daily ins and outs of your life, we will co-create your "Bliss Strategy": that unique, made-for-you life + work integration that will have you feeling positive, joyful, and excited about living your life.

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Bliss Strategy
VIP Coaching


The Bliss Strategy VIP Coaching is personalized coaching & mentoring. You could be a new business owner who doesn't have any idea about how to brand, position, and get your first client in the door. You could be a current business owner but haven't got a clue on how to create a content marketing plan that makes you come alive to your ideal clients. At the same time, you don't want to sacrifice time and undirected energy solely for your business. On top of everything, you want to create time for the things that make up YOU: your spiritual practice, your personal goals, family, career, finances, in that order.

Take your life to a level of more clarity, ease, and even profit.  

This program can help you if you are ready to —

  • have a clear vision of what you want to EXPERIENCE in your life. This is your “bliss,” and it pulls you forward to want to be a Mindful, Inspired action-taker for your vision.

  • have a clear sense of self-worth and purpose, from letting go of past rules & stories, and armed with affirmations and tools to bring you to a clearer state of consciousness and ease in your life.

  • nurture your own upbuilding and mindful Habits that create success in your life: more time, more health, more meaningful relationships, more income as a result, too.

  • become blissfully resilient: able to have the discipline of being happy in the present while manifesting the future vision you have for yourself. You are delighted to be present over perfect.

  • fall in-love with yourself, so that you take care of yourself and be the best you can be for the people you love the most, and the people you serve in the world

  • create more time & space for the things you wish to experience and do, whether in your personal life or business:

    • declutter your mind, space and schedule (so you are not in front of the laptop all day, FYI)

    • create more ease and flow in life + work integration (so you accomplish your goals with the least effort from you)

    • create abundance in your mind, so that it positively affects your life holistically: health, well-being, relationships, income and time

  • take specific action on improving your brand by confidently stepping into the Light, and speaking your message confidently, on whatever platform you choose.

    • If you are a new or current business owner without a clear brand, I will coach you on how to create a Brand System (story, elements, visuals) that guides every aspect of your brand, from your services, your workflow, to your content and messaging on social media and your website.

    • If you are a solopreneur, service provider, coach or consultant, we can create, define & package your services attractively for your target clients, and price to profit...

... and much, much more, as each program is CO-CREATED and DESIGNED with you and for YOU, as we work together.


Create Ease & Efficiency, with a blissful life + work strategy.

I take a limited number of women who want to feel good, confident, and strong in what they do & the services they offer, while also enjoying a lot of time (and a lot of money) for the things they value. Are you ready? Because here's what's waiting for you.

  • Your Bliss Strategy Lovework Tools © to help you get clear on the many different areas that make your bliss.

  • A Life + Work Audit. This is a Kick-Off Zoom session covering a deep dive of your Life+Work situation, based on your own telling. We will review your priorities and time, your business or your project, and will together create an action plan for our coaching.

  • Priority Access to me:

    • Email, Viber (Asia) / Voxer (USA, international), FB messenger access

    • Ten (10) 5-minute emergency calls on Viber/Voxer, in between sessions

  • Weekly Call-In sessions for holistic Coaching & Consulting. We are going to be a POWERHOUSE! This is where I empower you with affirmations + accountability of your goals (within a specified coaching period), and then guide you as you implement.

  • FREE, VIP access to my Personal Branding Bootcamp “The Blissmakery”: Worth $199, you get access to this Personal Branding bootcamp filled with videos, audios and modules all meant to help you develop, launch and market an authentic brand.

  • Review of your business materials (brand identity, documents, emails, graphics, social, plans)

  • Promotion to + visibility to my tribe on social media


Have more, help more.

You are allowed to create a blissful life you adore. Believe it.

If you are ready to STEP IN TO the power of MAKING IT BLISSFUL — in your inner life, your relationships, your work or business, your self-care, your experiences... the first step is to APPLY for your FREE Bliss Strategy Call. All coaching work is subject to a 15-minute Strategy Call, where you can make a sound decision on elevating your life from "blah" to "bliss!" (Because I'm ready to make that happen with you.

Add-On Options

Add-on options to your Bliss Strategy include Visual Branding (brand board, logo design), Digital Branding (website, blog setup), and Social Media Content (content formats, content calendar templates, content plans). These may be added to your Bliss Strategy Package for a special price, only for Bliss Strategy Clients. 



After you have gotten clear on your brand direction, offers & services, ideal customer, it's time to create a visual identity.  Includes an entire branding suite, files for you to use for printing or website. Pricing is customized based on the scope of the design work.




Small business owners like you want to tell your customers that you are consistently reachable and able to provide them with your solutions to their needs. That's what social media does for you, but I know you don't have the time to manage it because you are busy with your businessLet me help you establish your brand on social media, so that you are always there, building loyalty and trust in your customers and followers — while you are running what you're amazing at already: your brand and business. 


This ADD-ON PACKAGE includes:

Non-sleazy promotion of your products and services. After 6 years as a blogger, and 8 years working online, I know the difference between the hard sell and the kind of self-promotion that benefits both the customer AND you. The posts will not feel sales-y or sleazy at all.  

Call-to-action. With each piece of content, I will strategically post links on your social media channel to get people clicking through to your site and what you are offering.

An 8-week Social Media Calendar with 60 DONE-FOR-YOU posts with Copy & Images, for one channel: Facebook or Instagram. That means no more wondering "What am I gonna post?" I've got it covered, every day of the week.

Individualized content (which you can REPLICATE, month after month). The Done-For-You content will consist of a variety of articles, video links, inspiration and images that will showcase your expertise within your social media communities. I only curate high quality content that aligns with your business.