Are you ready to really fall in love with yourself?


What if in 10 weeks, you could be more powerfully equipped with an unshakeable mindset, that things like staying healthy, being less stressed at work, having more me-time and being confident & sexy are natural for you?

  • Do you ever wonder when it will be easier to really change the way you feel about yourself, when you look in the mirror?

  • Do you ask yourself “Why do I feel tired so easily?” or “Why is eating healthily or exercising something I really don’t want to do?”

  • Have you tried to use your own willpower to say no to the things that aren’t healthy for your mind or body, and failed?

  • Do you feel like no matter how much you want to make changes in your life, you do not have the right support, the understand, or even discipline to keep yourself happy and moving forward into a real change of living?

Maybe it’s time you decided that you CAN BE that happy, healthy and whole version of you… because I believe in YOU.

Here is what I know: “Your thoughts become things.” If you have wanted to really kick your bad habits for good, it all starts in what you are thinking about and what is going on in your head, so that you can understand what goes on to your plate, both physically and spiritually speaking.


You can have the health you want…once you change your thinking.

Here is what I know:

  • I know you would like to feel great in your body. You would like to wake up full of energy each day, without having to reach for something to perk you up #PassTheCoffeePlease.

  • You want to have a good relationship with your food, and no longer struggle with making the best choice for your meals (because it’s a fact: We are what we eat, on the cellular level).

  • You are wanting to make changes in how you think, so that decisions you make support the beautiful changes you desire to see happening now in your life.

Your life can change in an INSTANT, and the power to do that is ALREADY IN YOU.

In this program, Self-Love Solution, I guide you as a group so you can do away with self-limiting beliefs that keep you where you are, so that you can go where you want to go, for anything in your life.

Remember: How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING.


It’s for the woman who is looking for a practical way to be more well in mind and body, by learning how to see the relationship between what you feel and what you want to feel.

You are tired of habits that are making you feel bad or unwell, and want a real change in the way you view food, and are needing the support and kindness to lovingly make a truly healthy change from eating junk food, processed foods and artificial foods, into whole, clean foods that truly fuel your mind and body.
You want to understand self-love beyond what society normally markets as self-love and self-care. You are tired of the band-aid solutions that give a temporary feeling of satisfaction, and want lasting self-love solutions that you can use anytime, regardless of what your budget is, where you live, and your condition.

You want to learn how to nourish your mind and your body, starting with your mindset, so that you can work with your doctor, your nutritionist, your grocery list and your dine-out options in a way that helps you to enjoy fueling your body well.


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What’s included?

Here's what's waiting for you.

  • 10 Weeks of COACHING as a group, which is important because you’ll want as much support for your journey.

  • LIVE coaching calls: We will have weekly coaching sessions for Group Coaching, done online (using the Zoom app, which works on any Android or Apple device, laptop)

  • Accountability Group: A secret group where we will help you overcome your food cravings and really build up good habits when it comes to emotional eating

  • Self-Love Empowerment Mindset Toolkit: These tools to help you move forward, take aligned action, while also taking good care of yourself. I empower you with affirmations + accountability of your goals (within a specified coaching period), and then guide you as you implement.

  • BONUS: Promotion and visibility to my channels on social media, if you are activating your own business or brand and you want to sound it off to my communities


By the end of this program, you will have learned mindset tools to help you have more self-worth, so that you will also view how you view food in a SELF-LOVE language. (Plus, you will feel amazing, too.)

Before anything, I need to ask you a few questions. This is so I know if we are a good fit to work together as coach and client. This is an application form for my coaching on Self-Love! It’ll be a fun, supportive and loving group you will journey with for 8 weeks, and we will support one another each step of the way!