Blissful Strategists Mastermind

Blissful Strategists Mastermind

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Group Coaching & Consulting for Women Who Lead in life and business. This is a purposeful environment for women who are committed to thinking powerfully, feeling great, and taking meaningful action towards results they really want.

The Bliss Strategists’ Mastermind is a 6-month JOURNEY as a Group Coaching and Consulting mastermind for women who lead. It’s targeted at business owners, startup founders, corporate executives in the managerial or director level who desire to be top-performers in their field, through the power of an expansive mindset and resilient ability to embrace whatever life allows them.

A “MASTERMIND” is a productive environment for women who want to

(1) master their mindset (so they can be resilient through life’s ups & downs),

(2) desire ease in achieving their goals, and having more time, more money, and thriving businesses, BUILT ON AN AUTHENTIC PERSONAL BRAND.

(3) attract the best kind of experiences with their families, loved ones, and also their clients and customers, because they know their purpose, vision and goals.


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