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#WELLthy Transformation with Unicity International

Unicity is about freedom in all areas of life: health, finances and time. In the three years I’ve had a successful side hustle with Unicity Transformation, I’ve partnered with individuals who want the best health they’ve ever had, the means to afford it, and a chance at building a financial asset that even their children can enjoy. (Fact: It was actually this business that got me and Ton out of financial straits three years ago, and started my path to being a certified transformational coach!) You never know what paths can be opened up to you, once you let TRANSFORMATION start with you. Schedule a free consultation with me about Unicity Transformation, and see how it might be the kickstart you are looking for: (Serious consultations only.)

If you are simply interested in being a Preferred Customer, click below for my global purchase link, and get your Unicity products at an automatic 15% off, worldwide when you use my number: 100954463 (Martine De Luna)


Get Gutsy Coach Training School

My culmination to becoming a certified Transformational Coach begun here at Jenny Fenig’s Get Gutsy Coach Training School. It changed my worldview and my life, and opened up the door for me to receive magical abundance in Time and Financial aspects. Through this school, I learned the tenets of how to work less, make more, and truly design a lifestyle I adore while having loads of time for my family and the work I truly shine in.

Photo by Jenny Fenig

Photo by Jenny Fenig