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High-Vibe: Seminars and Workshops


My skills as a Coach have been elevated through thoughtful, connective mentoring and mindset coaching for women who want true Life Strategy: living a life they love that aligns their values, relationships, and their work, with the time to enjoy all. I have designed my Workshops and Events to take people through a transformation during the event itself.

If your group or organization would like to —

  • excite and involve your teams and staff in their own personal transformation;

  • encourage to practice of methods that will improve their quality of thinking, their mental outlook, and thus, their actions.

  • create positive, healthy habits based on a positive self-worth that make them less stressed, more positive, have more energy, better sleep and overall vitality

  • be truly productive, because they are motivated by their personal goals and higher purpose;

… then let’s talk about how to make these happen for your people!

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Here’s a comprehensive brochure of my current workshops: DOWNLOAD MARTINE’S WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS


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Need a resource speaker on short notice. I’ve got you.

I have done speaking engagements and live learning events throughout my time as a blogger, social media personality, writer and coach. To date, I have done over 50 workshops & speaking engagements in the areas of inspired living, women empowerment, positive social media and personal branding.


Short & Sweet: Speaking Engagements & Talks


I'm an expert in the following areas, and have ready-to-deliver talks that I can customize to your organizations needs, even if you book me within 24 hours. I specialize in:

  • Personal Branding : Being Authentic = Captivating Your Clients

  • Self-Love Solutions for Busy Women : Compassion, Deservingness and Self-Worth

  • Productivity and Pleasure: How Both Work Together for a Happier Team

  • Mindful Homemaking : How to Keep a Home Functional and Beautiful Without Boring Yourself

  • Social Media : Content Creation Made Simple

  • How to Start a Side-Hustle and Make it Into a Full-Time Income // From Side Hustling to Full-time Work-at-Home Mom-ing

  • Personal Wellness & Living a Lifestyle of Proactive Health

  • Mindset & Emotional Fitness: How to Avoid Toxic Shock from Too Much of Everything

  • Unschooling 101 : How to educate without an education

  • … and much, much more.

I have been fortunate to have given talks for the following companies and organizations such as Avida, Zomato, Thomson Reuters, The Study, Avon, Rockwell Primaries, SM Hypermarket, Manila Workshops, SunLife Financial. If you'd like to book me for any of my speaking topics above, do send me an email and let's talk.



Thrive Strategies: Coaching for Teams

Duration: 5 Months

The Thrive Strategies program's goal is to help your team thrive in life, by developing self-care and emotional fitness in all areas of their lives. Workplace burnout is the number one cause of resignations, emotional fatigue and mismanaged human resources. This program is customized based on your organizations goals, focusing on the following:

  • Paradigms and Emotionally Fitness

  • Mindfulness Habits in the Workplace

  • Sacred Self-Care practices for optimal living and working

  • Goal-Creation and Worthy Goal-Achieving

  • Self-Image and Increasing Your Value

  • Essential Skills: Collaboration, Creativity, Work Ethic, Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, and more.

Thrive Strategies are conducted both virtually and physically! Your team will have the benefit of having a coach to introduce these mindfulness and emotional fitness concepts during monthly meetups, and they will also have online support via a private accountability community.

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