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What I Also Do


Mindset & Empowerment Talks and Workshops

My skills as a Coach have been elevated through thoughtful, connective mentoring and mindset coaching for women who want true Life Strategy: living a life they love that aligns their values, relationships, and their work, with the time to enjoy all. My limited, signature coaching program is a high-level, high-energy and impactful results-driven strategy. 

If you would like to —

  • Stop procrastinating, overthinking, and start taking action on your dreams

  • Learn how to be brave enough to go for what you want in life, over just working all the time and never trying something new

  • Create positive, healthy habits that make you less stressed, more positive, have more energy, better sleep and overall vitality

  • Be truly productive, because you are a priority ninja, not just a to-do list machine

… then let’s talk.


Speaking Engagements & Talks

I've since given workshops and talks in the following areas:

  • Personal Branding : Authenticity + Alignment

  • Social Media Curation

  • How to Start a Job from Blogging

  • From Side Hustling to Full-time Solopreneuring

  • Personalized Wellness & Living a Lifestyle of Proactive Health

I have done speaking engagements and live learning events throughout my time as a blogger, social media personality, writer and coach. To date, I have done over 50 workshops & speaking engagements in the areas of inspired living, women empowerment, positive social media and personal branding. I have been fortunate to have given talks for the following companies and organizations such as:

Avida, Zomato, Thomson Reuters, The Study, Avon, Rockwell Primaries, SM Hypermarket, Manila Workshops

If you'd like to book me for any of my speaking topics above, do send me an email and let's talk.